Tower Climber

I have experience working on Telecommunications Cell Towers, for example Self Support Towers, Guyed Towers & Monopoles. I’ve performed maintenance, such as Re-lamping and guy wire support, Tower Mods on Guyed Towers. I have worked on AT&T, T-Mobile and Metro PCS. I have experience with the installation of hybrid cables, UMTS, 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE, diplexers, triplexers, Fiber Optics, Hard Lines, Grounds, system support, cables, antennas, waveguide , whip antennas.

I have experience with decom, such as removal of platforms, platform collars & antennas.

I have lots of experience with cranes  and  and stacking  iv built   a lot of self support  towers  and a good amount of  mono poles . ..

I also have Tree experience. I have experience with precision dropping as well. I have cut trees down on the properties of very expensive houses and had to make sure that they did not damage the property or buildings.

Being physical at my job is my favorite part. I love working outside. I have knowledge with pulley and rigging systems. Knowledge of different ropes and cables. I also have experience operating heavy machinery such as forklifts, skidders, Bobcat, Kubota tractors, and bucket trucks.  I have experience welding though I am not a certified welder it is something I have enjoyed doing since high school.

Last Resume Update November 15, 2020
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