Position with one company, however I am open-minded to any and all job opportunities in this industry to date. I
know that I have a lot to still learn, and as a "Woman" in this industry, one who has learned what I do know under
the wing of some of the best, I am ready to start this journey on my own to see what life has to offer!"


02/2015 - 04 /2016 T o w er T echnicia n W ireless C o nst ruct io n
S o lut io ns

*3c, 4c Antenna Installations along with RRU 32 Radios (Carrier Upgrades).
*Run Power (DC) into shelter along with Fiber and supporting of all into Shelter. (Wax String, fish paper).
*Wire up Squid from the Top of Tower to the RayCap located in shelter.
* A little familiarity with the Anritzu and testing of Lines and Antennas.

04 /2016 - 11/2016 T o w er T echnicia n V ert ex C o mmunica t io ns

*2c,4c Antenna Installations for AT&T
*Some testing with Anritzu of lines and antennas. (DTF+RL)
*Tower Modifications-Kicker Kits
*Support all cables and jumpers on Top Of Tower.
*Wire Powers to squid + Fiber trunk
*Also I have done some work for "T-Mobile, & C-Spire."
*TroubleShooting for AT&T as well.

11/2016 - 05/2017 Gro und H a nd M B T o w er W o rks

*Operate Capstan with 100% Confidence.
*2c-4c Carrier Upgrades for AT&T.
*Make any and all supports up for "Top of Tower."
*Support Fiber And DC Power Trunks in Shelter, including, Kansas City Tie-Downs, and Wiring up RayCap. Also
doing the same with PDU.
*Work Ropes and Fly Materials (Any & All)

06/2017 - 08/2017 T o w er T echnicia n P ro co mm

*I worked the ground and the Tower with this crew as well.

*WLL installations for AT&T. (Alpha,Beta,Gamma,Delta,Echo,&Foxtrot)
*Installations of Two (DC) powers, + 1 Fiber.
*Supporting of all cables on Tower and in Shelter.
*Color Code everything.
*Pre-Photos, + Post.


A t kinso n C o unt y H igh scho o l N o H igh S cho o l D egree

07/2012 W iregra ss Geo rgia T echnica l C o llege Genera l E d uca t io n,
Genera l E d uca t io n
D iplo ma (GE D )

08/2014 A merica n Int erC o nt inent a l U niversit y- H ea t h- C a re M a na gement ,
Online B a chelo rs D egree In
B usiness A d minist ra t io n
I obtained a BBA in Business Administration, Specializing in Health-Care Management. I did my schooling on-line
out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I absolutely loved the medical field, but with children I soon realized that it
would do more harm than help.


11/2016 C o mmT ra in C ert if ica t io ns T o w ers

I have been Certified for over two years, however I just took another course in November of 2016.

11/2016 F irst - A id / C P R T o w ers
I have both *First-Aid and *CPR Certifications.
These certs have also been updated, however I only have the older copy which is also still good.
03/2016 R F A w a reness T o w ers


***Work References***
#1.) John Bailey - Infinity LLC.
Glendale Ave. Dallas, Tx.
E-Mail; xxx@xxx.com
Former Construction Manager
1 Year

#2.) Eric Peterson - Paragon
E-Mail; xxx@xxx.com
Former Fellow Employee
3+ years

#3.) Mark S. Sanders -
E-Mail; xxx@xxx.com
Former Foreman with (WCS) Wireless Construction Solutions.
5+ Years

***Personal References***
#1.) Ruel McKinney - Abbyville, Georgia.
Former Employer with "Agricultural Kings."
Known for over 10 years.

#2.) Kalem Batten - 6925 Spout Springs Rd.
Flowery Branch, Georgia. 30542
Former Employer/ Brother
Known for life

#3.) Donovan Batten - 902 BeachComber Ln. Houston,Texas. 77062
#3.) Donovan Batten - 902 BeachComber Ln. Houston,Texas. 77062
Former Employer/ Brother
Known for life.

I also have some experience with being crew lead, I can read RFDS, & log in with all carriers. YOU MAY

Last Resume Update September 5, 2017
Address Houston
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