Tower Climber Crew Chief – Foreman

Each “Tower Dog” is responsible for their safety and the safety of their crewmates, it’s a combination of training and common sense. Crew chiefs are responsible for overseeing every member of their crew, for surveillance of the site, and for all subsequent paperwork that is needed. Being a crew chief is a huge responsibility and […]

Tower Climber Story

It’s Monday at 5 am. James is up and making a pot of coffee preparing for his day of tower climbing. Just like he would do for any other job he showers and shaves, gets dressed and kisses his wife goodbye. Though he is an experience tower climber, he knows that mistakes on his part, […]

Tower Climber Certification

Before you take a single step off the ground, every tower climber needs to think carefully: are you trained? Because without training in being a tower climber, it can be incredibly dangerous to do this job. Just like any career with a high amount of peril, without the right courses and education you could really […]

Being a Tower Climber

There are few jobs with such terror, adrenaline, and calm thought than being a tower climber. Many people in fact do not actually know what it is, but as soon as they find out about it they are often desperate to join! But being a tower climber means much more than just climbing up and down […]