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On February 10th 2015 Focus Microwaves purchased the "Pulsed IV" and "Bias Tee" Product lines of Auriga Microwave.

Acquiring these products Focus is expanding its market base while remaining inside the scope of our actual technology. Focus has been an active Auriga partner for many years offering these products as part of our complete system solutions.

Understanding the importance of the key team of engineers and technicians, who have been the heart of Auriga's PIV, for the continuation of the product lines and the uninterrupted support of existing Auriga customers, Focus proceeded creating a local US subsidiary, AURIGA PIV Tech. a few minutes away from the previous Auriga site, where the latest models are already developed and manufactured.

The software of the top AU-4850 Pulser and the filter and protection features of the latest 1200V Pulser head have already been upgraded. The new units made by AURIGA PIV Tech. are being displayed at international conferences, as these lines are written, and first shipments are scheduled for May 2015.

The new operation inherits the excellent Auriga Technology and the known Support Philosophy of Focus Microwaves, serving the RF community since 1988.

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Two Executive Drive, Suite 305, Chelmsford, MA 01824, Massachusetts

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