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With head offices in Florida, DataGrid Inc. is an independent, family owned, small business founded in 1999 by University of Florida Professor Bo Gustafson*. Caliterra AB and Gutec AB are collaborating companies owned by the same family. DataGrid Africa Center is a jointly owned with the local staff, application center located in Uganda.

DataGrid's Charter:

"Bring Space Technology to Earth Applications and Industrial Technology to Space Applications."

To develop GNSS technology for all precision markets including Defense, Space & Aerospace, Land Surveying and Land Management, Machine Control, Marine Ship Monitoring and Control, Structural integrity Monitoring (bridges, dams, nuclear waste management sites, ...), Geodetic Research, Precision GIS.

Enabling the developing world: DataGrid technology is advanced yet simple to use and easy to maintain to the benefit of all.

DataGrid offers its technology to third parties subject to restrictions** under license and royalty agreements. We develop custom solutions under contract.
- as a defense contractor
- for WB and UN projects
- joint ventures and OEM supply agreements

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