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Phone #: (888) 673-3863
Email: dzimmerman@facteon.com
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1090 Northchase Parkway, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30067, Georgia

Factoring is a broadly accepted financial tool for accelerating cash flow and avoiding the problems associated with slow-paying customers.

Invoice Factoring makes cash available for business growth and expansion. We purchase your accounts receivable at a small discount and give you immediate cash.

Factoring is not a loan so there is no debt repayment. Your own accounts receivable are turned into cash.

Invoice factoring is a solution to cash flow problems for businesses. With factoring, your company has access to funds that would not be available during a normal billing cycle.

If this is your first time, we can have you the cash you need in 48 hours. Once you've established your factoring account, the process takes just 24 hours.
If you are a small business in need of capital and your receivables are holding you back, we can help. If you can't afford to wait thirty, sixty, event ninety days to get paid for work you've already completed, we can get cash to you in as little as 24 hours. This is not a loan, you do not pay us back. What we do is "asset based financing" meaning we pay you for your invoice and then we wait and collect from the company that owes you money. You can get the cash you need without going into debt.

We have a fifteen year history as a reliable source for small to medium sized businesses to get operating capital for payroll, buy materials and pay the normal operating expenses involved with running a business. We have a quick, easy to use start up process and once your account is set up its practically auto-pilot getting your money to you over and over again. Please take our test drive to learn more about creating an account and learn the process involved. We can essentially become your outsourced accounts receivable department. We are on your side, working with you to make your business more efficient, something a bank lender doesn't do. Contact us today and we will get you your money as soon as possible.

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1090 Northchase Parkway, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30067, Georgia

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