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Phone #: 800-963-9291
700 Centennial Blvd #104 Edmond, OK 73013 73013

GPS Discount, Inc. is concerned about the safety and security of our customers. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections in place to ensure that your transaction process is extremely safe and that your information is secure.

Protecting Transaction Data - uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.

Securing Customer Data - We employ industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information. is compliant with card association security initiatives.

Final Thoughts - Online transactions are safe and secure. We believe that buying online is probably the safest way to shop. We feel that any transaction processed on a secure 128 bit encrypted server is much more safe and secure than any transaction taken where you give person at a restaurant or hotel your credit card and they walk around with it for 20 minutes and make a copy of it. (And you don't think twice about it.) Most fraudulent transactions are started when a person finds a credit card information in a trash can or mailbox, they then use this information to purchase items on line and commit what the media calls "Internet Fraud".

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700 Centennial Blvd #104 Edmond, OK 73013 73013

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