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Phone #: (813) 885-6091
7028 West Waters Ave Suite 393 Tampa, Florida USA 33634 33634

In all our 30 years of doing business at Naval Electronics, our objective has never changed; to provide the best possible equipment for television reception at sea. Our new 4000 Series Cassette Amplifiers and state-of-the-art 400 Series Marine TV Antennas introduced in 1998, and made in Tampa, Florida, demonstrates our continuing commitment to the marine community.
The PR-422 pictured above is at the head of a new Analog/Digital 4000 Series Marine Cassette Amplifier System with ground isolated distribution passives. The Series 4000 is the result of painstaking engineering and the use of state of the art components including high performance GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors and MMIC devices.

Naval equipment is specified for the U.S. Navy's TAGS 51, TAGOS 19, and LHD-1MHC, AOE6, Seawolf, TATF Class ships, DDG-51 Class AEGIS Destroyer Program, LPD Advanced Amphibious Assault Ship Class and the Army's Dustpan Dredge Class and the New Joint High Speed Vessels. More recent additions include the Littoral Combat Ships. In fact, since 1986, most of the US Navy has switched to Naval Electronics TV Antennas and TV Distribution Systems.

The US Coast Guard has installed Naval Antennas, Cassette Amplifiers and TV Distribution Systems on every High Endurance Cutter (FRAM-378) in the U.S. Fleet as well as on their Arctic Icebreaker the USCGS Healey. It is estimated that the USCG is at least 80 percent equipped with Naval Antennas and that the number increases steadily. Naval supplies Entertainment Rack with Antennas and distribution equipment including satellite system to the new US Coast Guard National Security Cutter NSC-1/6 in a team effort with L-3 Communications. Lockheed and Northrop Grumman.

Naval's commitment to excellence is evidenced in the Research and Development Lab through the use of very sensitive Hewlett Packard Network Analyzers. This allows Naval engineers to design equipment with very high dynamic range and low noise characteristics. Our CAD Station simplifies custom system design for any size vessel. Field engineers are well equipped with portable spectrum analyzers, time domain reflectometers, and frequency selective voltmeters to eliminate guess work in installation or, troubleshooting and repair.

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7028 West Waters Ave Suite 393 Tampa, Florida USA 33634 33634

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