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Currently there are more than 14 billion wireless “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices globally and the number is growing 35% annually to an estimated 35 billion in 2019.

The cost of test equipment has not kept in line with the plummeting cost of wireless devices. Massive volumes and disproportionate costs combine to present a huge challenge to the manufacturing and monitoring of all those wireless devices.

ThinkRF’s 10x Solution

Using patented innovation, ThinkRF’s wireless signal analysis solutions have the performance of traditional $100,000 lab spectrum analyzers at a tenth of the cost, size, weight and power consumption and are designed for distributed deployment.

The WSA5000 Wireless Signal Analyzer has a highly optimizable software-defined radio receiver coupled with real-time digitization and digital signal processing. This enables wide bandwidth, deep dynamic range and 27 GHz frequency range in a small one-box platform. On top of this market disruptive platform, ThinkRF provides a rich set of standard APIs and programming environments for easy and quick use with existing or new test and monitoring applications.

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