AirPacket, LLC.

A company with a brand new approach, built upon time-honed expertise and expanding upon time-honored wireless best practices. We’re Airpacket, your go-to source for Carrier Grade Turnkey Deployments of Microwave, Millimeterwave, LTE (4G), WBA and Next Generation Hotspots (NGH) Airpacket was founded in recognition of the need for a firm which offered not only real…

Vertical Safety Solutions, LLC.

Our mission is to save lives, promote a better understanding of the regulations, properly train employees, and keep you within regulatory compliance. Our curriculum present the highest level of safety training for all types of towers. Our courses bring to light the need for superior safety practice within all industries that require workers to defy […]

Apollo Safety

Apollo Safety has been serving the safety industry since John and Tracy Carvalho started the business in February 1995. Apollo has grown to be the leading safety and technical services equipment provider in  New England  and serving by courier across the Untied States and Internationally. Apollo Safety understands that safety is much more than just […]

G2 Consulting Group

Our clients are seasoned professionals.  They are expected to deliver the project on time, on budget.  They don’t give excuses, and they don’t accept excuses. G2 takes the pressure off.  When you have questions, we find answers.  When you hit road blocks, we get agency approvals.   When you hit unexpected conditions, we find realistic solutions.  […]

Northern Tower Erection Co.

Since 1957 Northern Tower has been serving the Broadcast and Communications industry throughout all of Michigan and surrounding states in all aspects of tower and antenna work.  Jack Martin was a pioneer in the communications field and led the company until 1982.  His son Terry Martin took over and has led the Company from the […]

National Tower and Telco Service

National Tower and Telco is a full service Telecommunications installer. We take pride in conducting business with quality workmanship, honesty, and integrity.    Our motivated team is dedicated to providing a number of services including:  – Microwave construction, programming, and pathing – Site preparation  – Civil work  – Cell site construction  – Central office work  – Antenna […]

Kent Power, Inc.

Kent Power specializes in outdoor plant for public utilities and communications companies including the construction and maintenance of power lines.

J.T. Tower Service, LLC.

J. T Tower Service, LLC. John R. Timmer and his crew have been setting up and servicing all kinds of communications towers since 1993. We’re confident enough in our climbing and mechanical skills to offer your business the experience you’re looking for in a tower service company. From initial installation to necessary removal, we are […]

Great Lakes Tower & Antenna Co.

Great Lakes Tower & Antenna Company, Inc. was established in 1972 by husband and wife team Larry R. Johnson and Barbara L. Johnson, along with their five children.  It is a family owned and operated business.  At Great Lakes Tower we provide excellent service in the installation of antennas, transmission lines, microwave dishes, erection of towers, monopoles, service water tanks, provide custom tower […]

Great Lakes Aerial Maintenance & Construction Company

At Great Lakes Aerial Maintenance & Construction Company we enjoy a having a close-knit family of employees. Working hard to provide the highest level of service to our customers is a full time job – and we all pitch in to make it happen!