6 Best States for Tower Climbers to Work in 2023

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the demand for tower climbers, professionals who scale towering structures to maintain and upgrade telecommunication infrastructure, has soared.

If you’re considering a career as a tower climber, it’s essential to know which states provide the best opportunities and working conditions for this specialized field. In this article, we’ll explore the top states in the United States for tower climbers and why they offer an ideal environment for these skilled professionals.


1. Texas

Known for its vast size and expansive telecommunication networks, Texas stands tall as one of the best states for tower climbers. With a high concentration of cell towers and an ever-growing demand for reliable connectivity, opportunities for tower climbers abound in cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin. 

2. California

Home to Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and a thriving tech industry, California offers tower climbers excellent employment prospects. The state’s advanced telecommunication infrastructure and extensive network of cell towers cater to the ever-increasing demand for connectivity. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego provide numerous opportunities for tower climbers, thanks to their dense urban environments and the need to support millions of residents and businesses. Compared to other states, Tower climbers in California enjoy one of the highest average pay rates in the industry. 


3. Florida

With its rapidly expanding population and a strong tourism industry, Florida has witnessed substantial growth in its telecommunication infrastructure. Tower climbers find plenty of work opportunities in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, where they contribute to the constant improvement of cellular networks and ensure seamless connectivity for residents and visitors alike. Florida’s pleasant weather conditions also make it an attractive state for tower climbers.

4. New York

As one of the most populous states in the country, New York boasts a robust and dynamic telecommunication sector. Tower climbers in New York City play a critical role in maintaining the extensive network of cell towers necessary for a thriving metropolitan area. Moreover, New York’s diverse landscape, which includes urban, suburban, and rural areas, provides tower climbers with a wide range of challenging and rewarding assignments.

5. Washington

With its booming technology industry and tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, Washington state offers tremendous opportunities for tower climbers. Cities like Seattle and Bellevue are home to major technology hubs and require continuous upgrades to their telecommunication infrastructure. The state’s stunning natural beauty, including mountains and forests, also provides tower climbers with unique and picturesque work environments.

6. North Carolina

North Carolina’s rapid population growth and the presence of major research institutions and technology companies make it an attractive state for tower climbers. Cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham offer a range of opportunities to work on cell towers and ensure seamless connectivity for the state’s residents and businesses. North Carolina’s diverse geography, which includes both coastal and mountainous regions, presents tower climbers with a variety of working environments.

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Whether it’s maintaining urban networks, contributing to technological innovation, or preserving connectivity in remote areas, tower climbers play a vital role in keeping our modern world connected. Choosing the right state to work as a tower climber is crucial for those seeking a fulfilling career in this specialized field. Want to find great tower climbing jobs across the United States? Join the Tower Climber network and upload your resume!