Axcess Rescue Confined Space Training

register at RSIConfined space entry is common in construction and general industry. The typical approach to training is often complicated and dependent upon specific techniques and equipment. AxcessRescue takes a simplistic approach to the fundamentals of safe practices for entry and work in confined spaces. Our program explores first the clients need within their scope of operations then builds a framework designed specifically to meet applicable standards that pertain to work and rescue in confined spaces.

We offer various programs for work in confined spaces. Our one day program exceeds the requirements of applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for the entrant, attendant and supervisor roles in day to day confined space operations.

Our four day program exceeds the requirements of applicable OSHA, ANSI and NFPA standards for the entrant, attendant, supervisor and rescuer roles in confined space operations and emergencies.

All AxcessRescue courses meet ANSI Z490.1-2001 adult training criteria in safety, health and environmental training, the highest industry standard for safety training. They also meet and exceed the current OSHA regulations along with the ANSI A10.32-2004 fall protection for construction and the Z359.2-2007 standard minimum requirements for comprehensive managed fall protection programs.

Our confined space programs are unmatched in student retention of knowledge and skills. The majority of the content is based upon hands-on learning. Classroom time is minimized. Adaptability of our classes for any industry that has entry requirements into confined spaces gives AxcessRescue the edge in recognition as a progressive preferred trainer.

We also provide consultation in the development of client specific confined space programs and refresher programs that meet the requirements of applicable OSHA standards for the telecommunication, underground utility, construction and general industries.

AxcessRescue takes prides in our student based, educational approach to simplistic, real world fundamentals for safe work in confined spaces.