Axcess Rescue Controlled Descent Training

register at RSIAxcessRescue offers industry specific controlled descent (RDS) training. We provide training in the basic fundamentals of controlled descent (also termed rope descent systems) and working safely and efficiently at height. In addition, basic and advanced rescue techniques are presented to provide for self and co-worker rescues.

Axcess Rescue Controlled Descent Training

Our courses exceed the IWCA standards. At AxcessRescue, we have taken an all-new approach to RDS training. We include basic fall protection concepts, with modern, up-to-date techniques such as rope access awareness and equipment that gives students the skills they need to get their jobs done faster, more efficiently, and with a higher level of safety than ever.

All AxcessRescue courses meet ANSI Z490.1-2001 adult training criteria in safety, health and environmental training, the highest industry standard for safety training. They also meet and exceed the current OSHA regulations along with the ANSI A10.32-2004 fall protection for construction and the Z359.2-2007 standard minimum requirements for comprehensive managed fall protection programs.

In addition to our scheduled courses, we can also provide last minute, client specific training depending upon our availability and the number of students needing training.

We believe you will find our programs to be substantially improved over the current industry standard. Others provide minimal training with extensive classroom time that does not increase student safety or ability. We do not follow in the footsteps of other training companies mostly all teaching the same old material. Our courses are predominantly hands-on with an extensive variety of climbing and rescue scenarios presented in realistic settings, and incorporate new techniques. Students perform multiple skills and rescues and are given sufficient time to practice each skill prior to skill evaluations. In other words, you are performing the task, not just watching an instructor do it. We are unrivaled in student satisfaction.

For clients, we also can provide modifications to the curriculum, based upon consultation, to better meet the desired performance qualifications that companies would like to see those that work on their job sites meet. This is a pioneering step within the industry and we are proud to be able to offer this as part of our training programs.

AxcessRescue has taken a different approach to instructor qualifications in contrast to the historical industry approach. All of our professional instructors have an extremely broad background in work and rescue combined with mandatory adult education schooling and experience and a strong passion for the subject matter.