Company Location 11234 Lemen Rd. STE. D
Company Website
City Whitmore Lake
Frequency Weekly

At True North Telecommunications Services, LLC, our mission is to work towards the goal of quality work and employee development.  In order to accomplish this mission we provide a clean, safe and professional work environment to accomplish our vendors' needs.  Our goals are to meet and exceed the requirements based from our contracts, and provide the best service in a timely fashion.  True North Telecommunications Services, LLC takes pride in the work that we do and our employees understand the fundamental reason for standing next to your product.  It is with this notion that we put forth extra effort to ensure our customers are given the best possible services.

We are looking for employees to build a home with us, as we grow, we would like to see them grow.  We hire professional workers that have a passion for being 600' in the air, and that take pride in their work.  An understanding and appreciate for what they do in order for millions to benefit from their hard work.  We are a relatively small company that has been slowly expanding and branching out.  A lot of knowledge can be gained by deploying with us in the field, and our teams are close knit and we look out for each other.  If this is something you consider vital then your place is with us.

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