Entry level tower climber jobs

entry level tower climber jobs

In the recent period tower climbing is getting really popular among workers looking for entry level tower climber jobs and there are many reasons for that. One reason is the advance of technology and the growing number of newly erected cell towers that require maintenance and in some cases repair and installation. Of course, those who are looking for a job that involves repairing and installation must have the needed qualifications and proper training.

This job is certainly not for those who are afraid of height. In most of the cases this job involves working at heights ranging from 150 feet to more than 500 feet. In order to perform the task properly, the potential tower climber must be physically fit, have no fear of heights and possibly enjoy climbing. This means that people who love rock climbing and those who love working outdoors will certainly find tower climbing an entertaining and interesting job. Getting on top of these towers is usually performed by climbing specialized ladders. Although this might sound easy, keep in mind that you will have to carry equipment and tools and all these things add weight and make the climbing really difficult. On top of that, the weather is not always perfect and in order to deal with all sorts of weather (like snow, rain, wind and high temperatures) you will have to be perfectly fit.

In some cases tower climbing requires working at night or during holidays because these towers usually serve for providing services that are very important (communication, media etc.).Besides doing regular maintenance, tower climbers can sometimes be sent to check if the tower is in good condition and notice if there is any damage to tower that needs to be repaired. Entry level tower climbers usually don’t fix these problems and they are left to more experienced tower technicians.

As we have mentioned before, tower climbers must have excellent physical shape, because in some cases the task will require spending the whole working day at tower heights. This requires exceptional physical strength and high levels of energy. This is the only way to increase the safety in this dangerous job.

Since there were many accidents in the past, the level of safety is increased and the safety equipment a lot of things that other workers (including construction workers) usually don’t have.

According to some experts the number of tower climber work positions will rise in the future so this profession might be considered to be perspective. The fact is that the salary is constantly getting higher and choosing tower climbing as an entry level job is a good idea. Finally, this job position can serve as a starting point for building a career in this field and the opportunity for upgrades makes it even more attractive.