How to Explain Your Competency with Tower Climbing Equipment on Your Resume

Tower climbing is an incredibly rewarding field to get into. The demand for tower climbers remains relatively strong compared toother professions. While many others are out of work during the pandemic, tower climbers remain as a vital link supporting our communication systems. Although tower climbing is not as competitive as other fields, you shoul

d still do your best to stand out. When you miss out on a tower climbing opportunity you miss out on a potential breakthrough in your career. Competency with tower climbing tools can help you stand out from other candidates. Here’s how to explain your competency with tower climbing tools on your resume. 

Tools of the trade, Highlight Your Tower Climbing Equipment Competency on Your Resume 

Tower climbers tend to use a lot of tools when doing their jobs. Many of these tools are somewhat specialized which means you can ensure that your resume is placed at the top of the stack by indicating the right kind of tower climbing tool competency. 

One thing that should be clearly marked on your resume is competency using capstan hoists. These hoists are essential to most tower workers and help them carry out their duties safely and effectively. In fact, the capstan hoist is so critical to the role of the tower climber that there are many safety courses with a focus on training tower climbers how to use capstan hoists. 

Another tower climbing tool competency that you should list prominently on your resume is any experience with gin and pole hoists. The training for using gin pole and hoists generally costs a lot more than the training for using capstan hoists. This means that the experience is even more valuable. If you’ve been wondering if that training course on the safe operation of a gin and pole hoist was worth it, you have your answer! 


If you have experience with aerial lifts, you should include that experience on your resume as well. Aerial lifts are commonly used in the tower climbing trade and when an employer sees that you have experience with these lifts they’ll be much more likely to consider you.  

It’s Not Just About What Tower Climbing Tools You Used, it’s About Where You Used Them

Although the specific details of what tower climbing tools you have competency with should be on your resume, it’s also important to list other important details such as where you used them and when. 

Anyone can monkey around with a gin pole for a few days, but if you have several years of experience using specialized tower climbing equipment, you will have a much higher chance of standing out to employers. Keep in mind, just because you know how many years you’ve been using that equipment doesn’t mean your potential employer will unless you list that information on your resume! All of those little details can make a big difference when seeking employment in the tower climbing industry.  

In addition to listing how long you’ve had a competency with certain tower climbing tools and equipment, you should also indicate where you used the tools on your resume. For example, does your experience with capstan hoists come from training courses, or have you worked with them while employed as a tower climber somewhere else. 

The strength of the training course and the reputation of the previous tower climbing companies you have worked for will give your potential employer a clear idea of whether you have the kind of experience that they’re looking for.  

You should also highlight how many different styles of towers you have worked on using the same tools. This will serve to illustrate your range and inspire confidence in potential employers reading your resume. There are several different styles of towers and it can feel different to work on them even when you’re using the same tools.  

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