New Technology & Trending Advancements for Those Who Climb

Being a tower climber can be a challenging job, but it’s also very rewarding and you’ll find that most of the challenges associated with the job can be surmounted with superior technology. Like other industries, technology has been kind to those in the tower climbing trade. 

The many advancements that have been rolling out are tremendously helpful for new and experienced tower climbers alike. Here’s a look at some of the trending advancements in technology for those who climb. 

Going Beyond Standard Tower Climbing Equipment

There are some things that every tower climber should have on the job. The standard arsenal of any tower climber includes 

things like harnesses, lanyards, snap hooks, carry bags, and positioning gear, etc. What if you want more than the standard equipment? Cell towers are an iconic representation of some of the most sophisticated technology in our world so it’s only fitting for tower climbers to use highly sophisticated technology for their own benefit. 

When it comes to towerclimbing, safety should always be of utmost importance. Unmanned aerial vehicles are showing great promise as a helpful solution to assist tower climbers and make their job safer.  

Unmanned aerial vehicles like specialized drones have been instrumental in helping to gather vital data on cell towers and assist in performing inspections. Getting the same information in a purely manual cell tower inspection is potentially hazardous. By leveraging technological solutions like using unmanned aerial vehicles to gather data for cell tower inspections, tower climbers are much safer and can perform their duties more efficiently.  

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in these inspections also benefits companies financially as the data helps prevent them from stocking up on unneeded parts and components. 

Get a Grip

Another technology that has been making great strides of late is grip technology. When you’re a tower climber, having a good solid grip is paramount not only to success in your trade but also to your own safety. 

Technologically enhanced equipment like Buckingham’s BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers with Patented GRIP Technology™ make tower climbing remarkably easier and safer. With upgraded equipment tower climbers can do their job more productively and have the confidence of knowing that they can rely on technology to alleviate the many challenges of their job. 

The Big Picture

While unmanned aerial vehicles help reduce the strain on tower climbers and make their job less risky innovations like Buckingham’s BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers with Patented GRIP Technology™ make tower climbing safer and easier. 

It’s safe to say that technology still has much in store for those in the tower climbing industry as the innovations continue to roll out year after year. 

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