Milspec Direct Power Tech LED Twin Work Light with Tripod – 6600 Lumens Output

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights will be the dominant lighting technology of the 21st century. All Edison, halogen, incandescent and metal halide lighting will become obsolete because LED is proven to be more energy efficient, provides better lighting, and is more cost effective. LED technology is here to stay and will be used in all household, warehouse, store and portable indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Our LED lights use an Epistar chip, electronic circuit board, and ballast for more power control and efficiency. Can be detached and carried as a lighted dual LED lamp with tilt-free portable stand.

Dual lamp LED Work Lights with industry leading 6600 lumens output compared to 1800 lumens for halogen.

Energy efficient Epistar LED chip rated at 30W versus 500W for halogen.

LED chip lasts 50,000 hours compared to halogen’s 40 hours of service life.

Single LED lamp lights 100 sq ft and dual head LEDs light up 200 sq ft of working space.

ROHS Compliant contains no mercury; IP65 Water Resistant case.

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