Microwave Technician
-Responsibilities: Installed and maintained data backhaul networks for public service buildings in LA, Fresno, San Diego, and Riverside Counties.
-Accomplishments: Certified in-house rescue trainer (Com-train)
-Skills: Rigging, climbing, test and troubleshoot radios, align dishes using voltmeter, install DC power, and radios. Alignments ranging up to 30+ miles

Amatel – Chino, CA Nov. 2009 – Oct. 2010
Senior Construction Technician III
-Responsibilities: Built Verizon 4G cell sites in Southern California and Florida
-Accomplishments: Learned to completely install Verizon 4G cabinets.
-Skills: Install fiber, strap ac panel, label, coax, antennas, wire batteries, and cabinet

Wireless Infrastructure Services (WIS) - Corona, CA April 2009 – Nov. 2009
Tower tech. 3
-Responsibilities: Build VZW cell sites, microwave installs, broadcast and beef-up
-Accomplishments: learned how to install dishes and waveguide cable. Broadcast work, light bulb change-outs. 2-way radio omnis.
-Skills: rigging and climbing skills, cable routing and supporting, and sweep testing.

Bechtel – Ontario, CA May 2006 – Sept. 2008
Green Hand to Asst. Foreman
-Responsibilities: Safely build AT&T 3G ERGU sites in LA/OC markets.
-Accomplishments: First Climber training course through TSL. Man-lift operation.
-Skills: Learned rigging, connectors, topside testing (load, short, open) supporting, color code, alignment and leveling. All skills learned here

Comprehensive Skills: Climb rescue trainer and advanced climb training certifications. Excellent workmanship and strong team player. Knowledgeable of weatherproofing, connectors, and labeling. Experience with monopoles, guyed or self support. Drug free and valid CA drivers license. General construction.

Graduated Servite High School, Anaheim, CA - June 2002
Adam R. Jennings
1221 F St. #2 Sacramento, CA 95816  xxx@xxx.com  (714) 718- 5484

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