Air Traffic Watch Supervisor

Controlled and regulated en route and terminal air traffic. Initiated and issued air traffic control clearances, instructions, and advisories to ensure the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic operating under instrument and visual flight rules. Provided air traffic support for 17 military sections and 7 airlines. Supported 306,000 aircraft operations and 1,000,000 passengers per year at one of the busiest military airfields in the United States. Operated navigational aids, radar, and communications equipment, ensuring operational accuracy. Selected above peers to supervise crew dynamic, control operations consisting of 30 military and civilian personnel. Directed position assignments and adjusted accordingly based on ability and well-being of employees. Supervised specialists performing air traffic duties ensuring safety of flight operations and excellent service with zero mishaps. Challenged employees to actively engage in job tasks to encourage advancement. Assigned 15 trainers annually based on qualifications and the ability to transfer knowledge efficiently through training technique. Inspected training evaluations ensuring accurate depiction of progression, deficiencies, corrective action, and qualification. Managed a crew schedule encompassing leave, sick leave, appointments, training requirements, and manning requirements based on Air Force guidelines. Managed facility’s security, controlling entry access points by verifying approved personnel for entry. Recognized as watch supervisor of the quarter. Trained multiple apprentice controllers/supervisors in five areas of air traffic control, ensuring efficient qualifications, exceeding manning requirements. Formulated daily/weekly training evaluations, outlining training performance, progression, discrepancies, corrective actions, and recommendations. Ensured accuracy of training techniques and quality. Maintained training records to include accuracy of documentation, evaluations, and transcription. Recognized as trainer of the quarter. Held CTO's at Eglin Tower, Ali Tower(Iraq), and Little Rock Tower.

Last Resume Update June 26, 2014
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