Ø              Read and interpret electrical circuit diagrams
Ø              Digital and Analog Capabilities

Allcom Global Services
201 Stag Industrial Blvd.
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
DC Power Tech, 05/18/2014 to 6/10/2014

Familiar with iron work/bays/equipment rack installation, wire wrapping/color code understanding, blueprint/schematic reading and method of procedures. Candidate will be a member of the installation team, power and transmission equipment. Perform hot-cut transition work, work associated with addition or removal of communication power equipment (rectifiers, batteries, cabinets). Running, lacing, terminating power & ground cable. Extensive understanding of communications power procedures, proficient in use of power tools. Install/test fiber optic and coax cabling.

TEKsystems, Inc.
9600 SW Barnes Rd, STE 350
Portland, OR 97201
Installer, for Comcast, 03/17/2014 to 05/16/2014

Re-arranging cable and adding new coax via F connectors using, RG-59 and RG-6 mini's in 96 pair grouping and different configurations of service groups. Adding power and grounding to new equipment & bays and mining out old cable, dressing in CAT5e for monitoring ARPD's and NSG's, sewing cable as needed. Installing Motorola's ARPD's, upstream demodulators in the return path. Deploying Harmonic's NSG (Narrowcast Services Gateway) for HD and Video on Demand. Installing Forward & Return Splitters & Combiners for various Nodes in the Network. This project is expected to continue to the end of 2014 and cover seven MTO Head-End offices

Telcoprime, Inc.
105th Ave SE, STE 7
Bellevue, WA 98004
Cell Site Technician, 01/07/2014 to 02/28/2014

I was involved in the LTE Upgrade e-CEM to b-CEM in cell sites in southern WA and the Oregon market. I worked for Telcoprime/Mastec/Alcatel-Lucent and the customer was AT&T. Working during the maintenance window replacing Circuit Packs e-CEM to b-CEM and RUC -48v DC Power Supplies. I organized and coordinated daily activities engaged in installation, integration, data collection and troubleshooting. I called into the RITC Bridge to coordinate the installation removal and testing of the above circuit packs and power supplies. I also tracked the UPS shipping and shipped the old boards back to Alcatel-Lucent.

C4 Technical Services
2860 Middle Street
Little Canada, MN 55117
Level 3 Installer, for AT&T & Century Link 10/07/2011 to 01/06/2014

Under general supervision, this position is responsible for performing work on voice and data communications equipment, networks, and systems. Performs installations, maintenance, and upgrades of voice and data communications systems, cable plants, and related peripheral equipment. Performs diagnostic testing and troubleshooting on voice and data communications equipment, networks, and systems and assists in resolving system integration issues. I Installed risers for AT&T on CPE equipment, powered Adtran Shelf and terminate DS3 Coax 734 cables. Responsible for installing, cabling and equipment within a central office. I have the following skills: Previous lead or supervisory experience; superior communication skills; strong attention to detail extensive knowledge of central office equipment and telecommunication systems installations. Worked as a contractor for Verizon Wireless., Focus, MGA, Lawrence Telecom, Modus, Allcom, Black Box, Teracom, Impact Solutions, Telcoprime/Mastec/AT&T and most recent TekSystems/Comcast.

1050 North Newport Road
Colorado Springs, COxxx-xxx-xxxx
Engineering Technician IV, 07/14/2008 to 02/26/2010
From 2/09 to 2/10: Worked at Schriever Air Force Base, Building 400-Mod-11B, 16 & 19A.  The most recent experience to include: installing audio/visual systems and infra-structure to support systems.  This would include LCD, LED and projection systems, cabling and terminating audio/visual systems, and installing components such as wall plates, speakers, cameras and projection screens. Install, terminate, test, label & document horizontal, backbone & other cables. (Control cable, Speaker wire, Microphone cable and Fiber, DVI cable).  Purchased BICSI AV Design Reference Manual 1st Edition and have been studying in addition to OJT.  I have been working in a secure/non-secure VTC environment. Work in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) communication needs on classified and unclassified Local Area Networks.  From 7/08 to 2/09:  worked at Peterson Air Force Base, Building 1.  Perform Installation of equipment in support of SIPR/NIPR Network System.  Install, terminate, test, label & document horizontal, backbone & other cables (CAT 5E, 6 and Fiber connector types to include, LC, ST, SC and MTRJ).  Install cable pathway systems (cable trays, cable racks, J-hooks and D-rings).  Dress & route cable into telecom closets, modular furniture & other work area outlets.  Build out telecom & equipment rooms, Mount/install backboards, and cross-connects, racks, patch panels.  Set-up HP Thin Clients, then deploy PC’s, and troubleshoot, back to the Cisco switch using VFL to document user pathway.   Ran Lan cable drops, terminating cables (fiber and Cat5E) in support of any DIA equipment requirements as in 3’ separation between classified and unclassified.  Fire-stop various types of cable penetrations, test, troubleshoot, & document test results for certification of copper and fiber cabling using Fluke DTX 1800. Possess working knowledge of ANSI/TIA/EIA cabling standards & National Electric Code.  Purchased BICSI Information Transport Systems Installation Methods Manual 5th Edition and used in conjunction with installation. Understand, adheres to, & promotes Environmental, Health & Safety policies.  Conduct job site surveys (including visual inspections, problem identification, etc.) during course of installation. 

CCTT, Building 2135 Khe Sanh St.
P.O. Box 13027, Ft Carson, CO 80913
Electronics Maintenance Technician II, 03/31/2008 to 07/11/2008
Digital Multi-Purpose Range Complex (DMPRC) for the War-fighter focus contract.  Individual will be able to apply advanced technical knowledge to solve usually complex problems that typically cannot be solved solely by referencing manufactures’ manuals or similar documents.  Work typically requires a detailed understanding of the interrelationships of circuits.  Exercise independent judgment in performing such tasks as making circuit analysis, calculating wave forms, and tracing relationships in signal flow. 

1900 Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO.  80907
Manufacturing Test Technician, 05/21/2007 to 03/28/2008
Manufacturing Test Technician, 11/19/07 to 03/28/08; The Technician will be responsible for performing a variety of moderately complex technical support duties in manufacturing areas (installation, maintenance, repair and support of manufacturing equipment, technical support of one or more production processes, product test and troubleshooting, and technical analysis and problem-solving).  Will perform tests and calibrate, repair and monitor equipment, systems, and/or assemblies.  Currently have three years related experience building, debugging and maintaining test fixtures and IC testers.  I have strong written and verbal communication skills; and the ability to work in a multi-disciplined; cross-departmental environment.  Engineering Process Technician, 5/21/07 to 11/16/07; Performs process engineering support; preventive maintenance, machine repair, trouble-shooting equipment issues, and production support in a multi-chip module electronics manufacturing operation.  Met pre-requisite of 2 years experience in a production operation; Experience diagnosing, and performing electronic and machine repair; Experience and knowledge of circuit assembly processes and equipment - wire bond, die attach, surface mount assembly, thin film, thick film, test, soldering.  Have high initiative; attention to detail; ability to work in production teams and work overtime.

6300 S. Syracuse Way, Suite 200
Englewood, CO.  {80111}
Central Office Installer, 10/25/2006 to 05/18/2007
Installation of new Head-End and equipment for Comcast in Colorado Springs to include:  A 30 x 30 build out; utilizing 19” relay racks with 5” spacers, 30” cabinets on a cement floor using hilti anchors.  Fashion ironwork and stanchion poles to support a two tier ladder rack with cross aisle racking for 7’ environment.  Attach L brackets for # 6 AWG frame ground to # 2 aisle ground using H-Tap’s and added new ground bar attached to the COGB. 
Ran ADC 6” yellow inter-duct for fiber management system using 45’s, 90’s, T’s, downspout and split corrugated snouts using 2” x 2” for fiber storage.  Placed Aurora Networks CH 3000, BP-35M4 Optical 4 channel MUX in conjunction with AT 3510 analog Narrowcast Transmitter, for the forward path transmission.  On the return path we placed DR3021 Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver in combination with the BP-3104 Optical Receiver and Return Path Demodulator (RPD 2000).  
Other modules installed are: ADC’s RF Splitter/Combiner and Directional Coupler for RF signal from 5 MHz to 1000MHz.    Also included and populated are the Optical Splitters/Combiners, Optical MUX and De-MUX modules, Digital Transponder, Optical Amplifier, and Optical Switches.   For large scale video on demand (VOD) we installed 53 Harmonic NSG 9116 and ran cat 5 to (2) Gigabit Ethernet Switches (Cisco Catalysts 2950).  Ran in dressed and terminated 8 pack RG59 coax cable (F type connectors and BNC) and 1, 3, 10, 30 meter fiber cable, cleaned, scoped and labeled NE, FE also individual flag labels for Forwards, Returns, VOD, and High Speed cables. Label all bays, cabinets and cables per Telcordia, UL and NEBS standards. 

QWEST Communications
502 N. Central
Medford OR. {97501}
Technologies Data Analyst, 07/01/2005 to 07/14/2006
Updates and corrects records in the LMOS data base due to posting problems from service order processing and/or from the WOI (work order interface) download from LFACS.  Performs investigative work to make necessary corrections utilizing LMOS internal audit reports.  Updates and corrects records/circuits in SWITCH and LFACS resulting from investigative work of service orders, WOI, audits or update requests.    Manually resolves errors too complex for mechanized systems.  Requires an understanding of these systems and knowledge of the transactions to correct data in the applications of various computer applications including; CHRIS, SWITCH, LFACS, LMOS, PREMIS, TIRKS, ESS SWITCH, BOSS, SOPAD, SOLAR, RSOLAR, CARS, ALOC, CNUM systems and DB Sync ERC’s.  Interprets cable transfers, line and station transfers and maintenance cuts to perform necessary system updates.  Reviews, interprets and works with service request work documents, may also work with FIDS, USOCS, and charge applications/tariffs.  Reviews, interprets and works with information on trunk orders, facility orders, MTO (Message Trunk Orders) NDO (Network Design Orders) and/or CLO (Circuit Layout Orders).  Reviews, interprets and works with information on route layouts, cable make-up, cable records, Facilities Assignment Centers Services (FACS), exchange and/or trunk cable books or transfer sheets.

QWEST Communications
502 N. Central
Medford OR. {97501}
Central Office Equipment Installation Technician, 08/28/2000 to 07/01/2005
I worked on AC/DC Power Systems and equipment grounding at various telecom sites for Qwest in the Oregon area.  Perform acceptance testing on power systems to include; BDFB, PBD, converters, inverters, rectifiers, power plant and batteries.  Provide engine alarms and database to NMA, program PAD, test and provision, major, minor and watchdog to the Dantel.  Program DGU, Galaxy and Omni-Pulse power monitors.  Worked on Lucent, Marconi, Tyco, and Lorain type power plants for installation. Review, interpret and work from engineering specifications, handbooks, and supplier installation manuals.  Erect, assemble, paint, and align iron work to fashion equipment racks, bays, and cabling frames. Mount equipment into these bays and frames.  Run, secure and prepare cable in the central office environment, i.e., coaxial, fiber optics, power and other intra office cabling.  Perform wiring tasks on circuit arrangements or modifications by analyzing drawings, detailed change sheets, wiring lists and equipment specifications.  Test, readjust and clear trouble on complex combinations of circuits in various combinations of frames of active equipment, using personal computers, oscilloscopes, multi meters, etc.  Install, test and turn up for service, central office and customer premise equipment (both analog and digital), did some work for U.S. Cellular, AT&T, Sprint, also install Co-Location, Pop’s etc.  Hands-on distribution training in Grants Pass, OR with actual frame orders on cosmic frame.  Some familiarity with (FOMS) Frame Operations Management systems to provision POTS orders, testing and order status.  Wired connects, disconnects, cable cuts and DSL using small hand tools e.g., pliers, wire-wrap, punch down tools; following work order specifications.  Run diagnostic test programs, train up on DSL, use of DDM, oscilloscopes; operate Desktop and Laptop computers, Keyboards and CRT terminals.   Worked with NROC to resolve power cuts and NMA for alarms and provisioning x.25 circuits and Digi-Pac circuits over 200’ to the AI switch from the CO-LAN bay.  Provide SYNC timing for TOCA and TOTA cards, for DSO-DS1.  Install DSX, DS1 AND, DS3 panels, wire and test coaxial and, fiber optic cables and jumpers.  Successfully completed the: (NTD7900F17, NTD7900F10-COEIT Tier 1 & 2) (NTD7902F1-Marked Drawings) (NTD9607-First Aid/CPR) and the following CBT courses; ATM Architecture & protocols, Digital Signal Level 3 Testing, Fundamentals of Protocols, Introducing XDSL Technologies, TCP/IP and, the Internet training courses.

Wagner Electronic Products
326 Pine Grove Road
Rogue River, OR. {97537}
Electronics Technician, 12/1999 to 06/2000
Provide product support for OEM leading supplier of moisture detection systems both in-line systems and hand meters.  Using advanced electromagnetic wave technology to accurately measure wood moisture content from 100 of the most used hardwood, softwood, and imported species.  Assemble, calibrate and test both digital and analog handheld meters i.e.; L601-3, L606, L607, L609, L610, L612, L712.  Perform troubleshooting on warranty and out of warranty repairs.  Test cables, power supplies and test in-line systems prior to setup and delivery.

Millennium Technology Services, Inc.
994 Antelope Road
White City, OR. {97503}
Senior Test Technician, 06/1997 to 12/1999
Set up and perform testing of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies using written instructions.  Test programs, label integrated circuits with a PC and a device programmer using engineering documents.  Perform troubleshooting; requires 2 yrs., electronic engineering technology, equivalent military or private-industry OJT or equivalent combination.  Proficient in handling, soldering and removing surface mount electronic devices.  Excellent close-up visual acuity and manual dexterity; Basic knowledge of Windows, Microsoft, and DOS, AC/DC circuits and digital logic.

Electronics Technology, Associate in Applied Science Degree
Degree: None, 1/97 - 6/97, 109 units needed, 65 units completed
GPA: 3.75              Honor Roll
Certificate of Graduation, Computer Technology 856 hours
Degree: 2yr equivalent, 1/84 - 9/84

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