OSHA 10 & 30

RF awareness

Construction management.

Proper rigging technics.

Tower safety & rescue. (comtrain)

Confined space.

Hazardous Material (MSDS).


Reading & understanding schematics


First aid and CPR.

Site run through and Job Hazard analysis.

Safety and quality auditing. (OSHA & AT&T 502 Standard)

Trouble tickets and Close out packages.

Climbing safety.

Various rope knowledge (rigging, safety and descend.)

Knowledge and using of all climbing safety equipment.

Inspection of all fall arrest & fall protection climbing equipment. (before every climb)

Proper way to use all fall arrest & fall protection equipment. (Following with OSHA, most national standards and major tower company’s policies.)

Work experience

Proper rigging technics and understand of weight distribution through pulley (block) systems. Example: ( 5 to 1’s).

Understanding and knowledge of approved anchors and anchor points using OSHA law and most national standards.

Rigging towers properly to install UMTS & LTE antennas, RRH (remote radio heads), TMA’s (tower mounted amp), Fiber optic cables & DC power cables.

Referring to RFDS (Radio Frequency Data Sheet/Systems) Labeling antennas and color coding RF main and jumpers. Setting azimuths using sun site tool, mechanical & electrical down tilts for antennas on all sectors A,B,G and troubleshooting using sweep equipment (Anritsu site master E model).

Knowledge and understanding of basic electrical theory and circuits (parallel & series). Understanding and knowledge of AC/DC power, proper lugging of DC converters (DC-6 &12). Luging, heat shrink and crimping stranded grounding cables to buss bar using 3/8 and 9/16 hardware.

Arc (stick), MIG and CAD welding multiple years in both tower and millwrights industry. Metal fabrication in both automotive collision repair and tower reinforcement/reconstruction industries.

Multiple years of Operating man baskets at various heights. Operating Genie 135-Z and JLG’s. (At times when towers or structures are not man rated).

Performing multiple live tower rescues while on job site as a foreman and a top hand. Safely descending with a victim and performing first aid and CPR MOP’s.

Performing multiple job site safety hazard analysis and assessments. Walk through on job sites over viewing potential hazards (structural, technical & environmental). Pointing out and punching on quality work. Communicating with crew foreman’s and Project managers of both safety and quality.

Extensive computer information system knowledge and experience. Understanding of multiple Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) Also other PDF file viewers like Adobe. Also can convert most files to PDF if needed.

Completing trouble tickets and full site build close out packages in a timely manner before deadlines occur. Explaining work done and MOP’s to finish the job. Taking before and after photos of site to provide prove of work performed.

Frank Trevino


Trevino, Frank

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