Tower Foreman


  • Experience with all major carriers COP’s, as well as all major turf vendor COP’s


  • Installing and troubleshooting AT@T systems from GSM to current systems and upgrades, this includes testing, tiger team, and integtration support, alarm clearing


  • Installing, troubleshooting, commissioning, many different types of TMO Mod projects as well as Metro PCS upgrades in the 3.5 years they began their Modernization initiative.


  • AT@T and Sprint Backhaul installations, radio configuration, and alignment


  • Verizon 4g LTE upgrades


  • I also have experience in FM, AM, TV, Two-way radio, emergency and municipal services repeater systems and microwave, as well as commercial microwave




Summary of Technical Skills


  • Installations of Fiber of different modes and connector types, integrity testing and troubleshooting using ODM and JDSU , as well as associated software for reporting


  • Comprehensive understanding of sweeping techniques for testing and troublshooting, using Anritsu and ALU products, DTF, return loss, SWR, smith charts, spectrum analyzers for interpreting traces, troubleshooting faults, site labeling, downloading to LST or MST software. PIM testing with Kaelus, CCI, and Anritsu gear, some troubleshooting with radio based spectrum analyzers


  • Path alignments of different types of PTP dishes utilizing different means including voltage measurement, audio tones, and software based alignment tools


  • Understanding of the properties of various licensed and unlicensed frequencies, and their uses in the commercial and government markets


  • Functional mathematical understanding of the concepts governing antennas and transmission lines, PA’s, duplexers, diplexers, combiners, filters, AC/DC electricity, and electronic components


  • Comprehension and experience configuring and using software programs for different types of microwave and cellular microwave radios, such as NSN Flexi Radio Modules and system modules, various Ericsson radios,Bridgewave, Exalt, Ceragon, Redline, Alcatel-Lucent 9500 MPR radios, Ericsson Mini-Link


  • Functional understanding of Fresnel Zones, Multipath reflections, diffraction, refraction, fading, receiving threshold, IF transmission frequencies, reactances, antenna and electrical polarity, insertion loss, attenuation


  • Ability to read understand and implement RF data sheets and port matrices, blue prints of different types from structural, electrical, civil, and RF CD’s, SOW’s, MOP’s



  • Installing duplexers, diplexers, RET systems and associated software for downtilt setting and naming


Summary of Structural Skills and Experience


  • 11 years of experience working on broadcast, cellular, microwave, AM,FM, emergency service, rooftops, and water tower, communication equipment support structures


  • Experience erecting towers of different types, including guyed, self –support, and ballast


  • Using various erecting methods up to 500’including pipe gin-poles, small gin-poles, and large broadcast TV antenna gin poles
  • A wide spectrum of rigging skills and knowledge, including, rope, capstan and tag for smaller communications towers, to heavy rigging utilizing wire chokers, wire cable wenches, and manbaskets, for lift and trolley systems for larger broadcast towers


  • Structural reinforcements for wind code revisions for cellular towers and monopoles, as well as structural upgrade and diagonal change and replace for larger self-support and guyed broadcast towers


  • Installing small diameter TX line from ½ to 3”, also round ridgid 4”and 6”FM and TV TX , rectangular microwave waveguide line, associated rigging, hoist grips, line hangars, and spring hangars for ridged line and rectangular line


  • Installation of a variety of different types of connectors for different types of coax, including Andrews, Commscope, RFS, PPC, LMR, CAT 5e


  • Installation of various support structure, such as, mounts, booms, collars, standoffs, banding, cable ladders, climbing ladders, safety climbs, ice bridges


  • Installation of a wide variety of antennas, including cell, FM, parabolic, grid, omni, folded dipole, ¼ wavelength radial, yagis, ENG(electronic news gathering systems)



  • Installation, repair and troubleshooting of variety of lighting systems, older style bulb beacons, actuator driven strobes, led, sidelights, work of controller systems, replacement of faulty boards and parts, understanding of NOTAM filing laws, installing conduit, comprehension of electrical schematics pertaining to lighting systems


  • Tower inspection and audit


  • Tension and plumbing of a variety of different towers, smaller cellular towers and larger broadcast structures


  • Guy wire installation and replacement


  • Installation of grounding based equipment, including grounding home runs, bus bars, cadwelding


  • Civil experience, including cabinet installations, conduit installations, running and routing telco, fiber, power

Installing foundations for self-support and guyed towers, rebar cages, fitting templates,

  • Operating heavy machinery, such as boom trucks, skytracks, cherry pickers, front end loaders


Summary of Certifications and Special Interests


  • Recently renewed Advanced Climbing and Rescue Cert(Comtrain),CPR, First Aid, RF training, TMO CERT ID, Ericsson Minilink, NSN Flexi Radio Commissioning, Capstan, Rigging
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