Derrick hand

mechanical equipment.Clean and inspect mud tanks as
required. Assist rig floor crews to make up test string, tools and
equipment.Assist on rig floor as required.
Adhere to all company policies, procedures and Government
safety regulations pertaining to the worksite. Watch and
maintain proper fluid characteristics, and rate of fluid circulation.
Work above the drilling floor, on the monkey board, guiding the
pipe during the tripping in/tripping out process, ensuring to wear
proper safety equipment. Assist in moving the rig, rigging up
and rigging out.
Ensure that preventative maintenance is performed on
equipment as outlined in maintenance manual.

09/14/2010 - 08/02/2012
Motor Hand
Advanced Drilling Technologies
Regularly inspect, maintain, and repair generators, equipment,
and SCR or VFD house. Responsible for hydraulic and
electrical systems and equipment. Provide instructions, train,
and oversee Floorhands during drilling activities. Regularly
check rig and equipment for any problems and safety issues on
an ongoing basis. Use forklift to off-load and move materials. In
charge of all lock-out/tag-out of breakers. Keep a daily log of
maintenance and repair activities.
Assist Derrickhand with mixing chemicals and other mud
maintenance as needed. Assist with rig up / down procedures.
Assist in cleaning and general upkeep of the rig and drilling
floor. Support other crew members as needed, ensure
compliance with safety procedures, and other additional tasks.
2004 - 2008
High School Deploma
Greeley West High School
IADC Rig passKept up to date with online classes and training.
Loader CertifiedExpires 02/2016
H2S TrainingExpires 01/2016
All Other
All training kept upto date on online classes.

ReferencesBrady (Company man for Whiting Potroleum)
Phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx
James ( Rig Manager For Xtreme Drilling)
Phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx
Steve (Rig Manager For Xtreme Drilling)
Phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx
Owen (Driller for Xtreme Drilling)

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