Improve testing and overall team capabilities, developing innovative new tools with minimal resources.
Able to make major decisions under intense pressure, leveraging outstanding command of electrical principles.
 Ability to read and follow blueprints and or schematics.
Possess strong technical, mechanical and problem-solving skills.
Excellent communication, decision-making and organizational skills.
Ability to prioritize and manage multiple issues simultaneously.
Strong technical skills

Ability to maintain, calibrate, configure, monitor, test, troubleshoot, install, and repair instrumentation, process controllers and data acquisition systems. Ability to investigate, diagnose, correct and document instrumentation or system malfunctions. Adjust, Repair or replace faulty components of test setups and equipment. Perform layout and wiring of electrical panels, have expert soldering skills, knowledge of oscilloscopes, Spectrum analyzers and digital multi-meters. Extensive knowledge of Military specification connectors, operation of crimping tools and wire strippers. Familiar with ohm’s law, continuity testing and Strain gage Wheatstone bridge wiring, routing and fabrication of cable harness. Drilling & tapping holes, metal fabrication and building of control junction boxes.
System level troubleshooting skills and ability to logically ( common sense) solve anomalies and determine corrective action. Knowledge of signal conditioning and all types of sensors such as, strain gages, accelerometers, velocity pickups, micro switches and displacement sensors.
Possess class “D” Clean Water operator license with TCEQ No. WO0034183 Exp 11/27/16

CBRN Electronics Technician II
Maintain, and repair Joint Biological Point Detection Systems (JBPDS) for US Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) detection units. Repair and maintain Apogee Flow Cytometers, Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer and High Volume Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (HVAPS)). Electronic equipment, transmitting and receiving equipment, and personal and mainframe computers. Interpret technical drawings, diagrams, and manuals. Troubleshoot and resolve system anomalies. Analyze circuits. Trace relationships in signal flow. Provide technical and administrative input to Site Lead.

Handpicked consistently over 6 other colleagues to repair most important or complex JBPDS due to advanced knowledge of electronic principles and troubleshooting skills.
Tested, repaired, and maintained maximum uptime of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic equipment.
Honored with numerous certificates of achievements from US Army for outstanding work on deployments throughout US and Kuwait.

TESCO / COMPUTER SCIENCE CORPORATION, Fort Hood, Texas - 1998 – 2008
Electronics Technician II
Served as lead technician specializing in US Army Combat Systems for real-time casualty assessment. Installed, maintained, and repaired radio frequency (RF) systems and global positioning systems (GPS) for mobile combat vehicles. Utilized variety of electronic test equipment, including, but not limited to, oscilloscopes, digital volt meters, laser strength meters, and laser alignment gages. Designed and fabricated cable systems.

Recognized continually for ability to solve most complex problems which could not be addressed by referencing manufacturers’ manuals or similar documents.
Made critical decisions independently on circuit analysis and electromagnetic interference testing.
Promoted to lead technician instructing and delegating tasks to other technicians during evaluation of new prototype systems.

SPECIALIZED TESTING SERVICE, Arleta, California - 1988 – 1998
Electronics Technician I
Configured aircraft for flight tests. Install sensitive instrumentation, strain gages accelerometers and thermocouples. Fabricate and install cable harness. Performed static and dynamic testing of mechanical devices for stress and vibration to include Wind turbines, rollercoasters, commercial and military aircraft.

Cultivated in-depth knowledge of fixed, wing, and rotorcraft, mechanical components, and theory of flight.
Earned reputation as expert in soldering and cable fabrication.


Electronics Technician, Los Angeles Valley College, North Hollywood, California, Electronics Technician Harcourt Scranton, PA, Computer Repair Harcourt Scranton, PA
California State Sacramento for Clean water Operator, Coastal Bend College Wastewater Operator

CBRN Repair Certified - Cable Fabricator -
Aircraft & Power Plant - Computer Repair - Certified Chemical Biological Radiological JBPDS technician

***Bilingual fluencies in English & Spanish***


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