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TSSC T-4 Contract awarded to Parsons Corporation

I transferred over to Parsons Corporation at the end of December 2012.

Most recently, I returned to Oakland Air Traffic Control Tower to install paging and security monitoring devices.

In May of 2013, I was involved with replacing the ladders and ram rails of the Glide Slope Antennas for new OSHA compliant system. For this work I had to be re-certified to climb and rescue. We had 6 sites to visit for this in the central region.

Prior to this I installed Air Traffic Control Electronics equipment in Oakland, CA. Commissioning begins in the month of June 2013.

I installed various communication antennas and transmission lines, Telco, and fiber optics, including their equipment racks and installing DC and AC circuits.

 Electronics Technician Level 3 for Lockheed Martin

Presently installing Fiber Optic Racks and equipment in the Palm Springs Air Traffic Control Tower and it’s remote Receiver/Transmitter and Radar sites. This includes both A/C and D/C circuitry; connectorizing fiber and Ethernet cabling and follow testing procedures.

My most recent duties Jan –May 2012, involved correcting the Joint Acceptance Inspection Exceptions at Hilo, HI. Air Traffic Control Tower.

This involved electrical re-wiring of missing neutrals and grounding.

Prior to this I was involved with installation of 4000’ of 1 5/8” RF Heliax cables at Ewa Beach, HI.

I installed RCAG (Remote Communications Air to Ground) transmission lines at Prescott, AZ Nov 2011

Sept 7, 2010-Apri 2011 Resident Engineer Phoenix RWSL

Retired FAA May 1 2008

Technical Onsite Representative for NWM Region for installation of NEXCOM Radio equipment, new swing arms and antennas.

I am familiar with FAA electrical requirements in TRACONS, Towers, and RTR. RCAG Enroute Service Centers and remote Long Range Radar

I oversaw and assisted many civil engineers in Power Distribution, Control (TELCO), and Fiber Optics installations

FAA Experience

Electronic Technician with extensive experience involving installation and modernization with Air traffic Control Communications Equipment

Radio tuning and installation into National Air Space (NAS)

Antenna installation

Quality Control Technical On Site Representative

Tower Climbing and Cable Installation

Government Purchasing (Federal Aviation Administration (Electronics Field Technician

Duties: Electronic Technicians (ET) install and maintain electronic equipment and lighting aids associated with facilities and services required for aviation navigation to assure a reliable, safe, and smooth flow of air traffic. This involves work with radar, communications, computers, navigational aids, airport lighting aids, and electrical/mechanical support for facilities on and off airports within the network of the National Airspace System (NAS). It includes periodic maintenance (inspection and analysis of equipment with associated adjustments), corrective maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and replacement of malfunctioning equipment, and certification. ETs may also assist in the design, development and evaluation of new types of electronic equipment for the NAS. Many ETs work out of offices located at or near airports and on service equipment located on airports, in Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT), Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSS), in open fields, or even on remote mountaintops. ETs also work in Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) maintaining equipment within the facility. ETs normally maintain the electronics portion of facilities. Some ETs travel throughout a large geographic

Range Operations San Nicolas Island/Pt. Mugu, CA. Pacific Missile Test Center

Electronic Technician and Operator of HF, VHF and UHF Radios

Operated and maintained tracking Radar

Long Beach Naval Shipyard

Electronics Technician

U.S. Ship overhaul and modernization of Communications equipment.

Test Equipment repair and calibration

Antenna and transmission repair and replacements (Electronics Apprentice

Four year apprenticeship related to electronics and electrical theory

Associated with a degree from Long Beach City College

In agreement and certified with the Electrical Workers Union

In agreement and certified with the Metal Trades Union (A.S. Degree in Electronics (Long Beach City College (Married, three children.
Multilingual (English, Spanish)

Last Resume Update June 3, 2014
Address Los Angeles, California
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