tower climber

Machine repair

•Detect machine malfunctions and problem solve accordingly.

•repaired, replaced, and maintained parts on machines and dies.

Problem diagnosis

• used operational knowledge of systems and equipment parts and components to trouble shoot problems that arise during assembly and fix them accordingly.


•Reported and documented unsafe conditions equipment any injuries as well as work completed for the day.



04/14 to 10/14

tx,sc,and alabama markets

swap booms 1c and 2c att builds. install a2 raycap mount antennas and tmas when needs upgrade umts for 1900 blue sites in sc market. run power fibers and  jumpers. run a 4 man crew, close out package trouble shoot


01/14 to 04/14

up state ny and texas

Install antennas,run lines,wire dc 6,dress in supports,sweep and pim,run gps,color code,controlled descent,run capstan pre and post pictures,jsa paper work,grounding,beef up kits,decom


10/13 to 12/13

Philadelphia Pa.

Tower hand:

Duties included climbing tower installing 4g LTE AT&T antennas, weather proofing, installing connectors and jumpers, grounding, color code, running power and fiber, keeping a safe and clean work place, communicating with crew, field coordinator, and Bechtel to ensure site is up to national standers.

Advanced network services

06/13 to 10/13

Philadelphia Pa.

Tower hand:

Duties included climbing tower to install 4g LTE antennas for AT&T updating umts and gsm technologies, weather sealing, grounding, keeping up with current safety standers as well as specs for site, setting azimuth, pimming, and sweeping systems, taking photos, working in man basket or JLG, operating capstan, and performing controlled decent.


03/13 to 06/13

Philadelphia Pa.

Tower hand

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