Network admintrator



To Obtain a Computer Networking Position that will enhance my skills with new technology while utilizing my experiences as well as my knowledge in networking


Graduated High school as Tech prep.

Texas State Technical College

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Computer Networking & Security Technology



Bilingual – English and Spanish

CORE COMPETENCIES: Computer Networking & Security Technology; System Management; Data Integrity/Recovery; Disaster Recovery Planning; enforce GPO, Team Leadership, Network Design; Research skills, Intrusion Detection System.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003-08,Windows 7& 8, VMware , Linux Administration (Open SUSE),Back Track Linux Security Distribution, NIST Linux security Distribution.

Services: Active Directory,DHCP,IIS6-7 ,File transfer protocol, Secure socket shells, Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, Apache Server, DNS, Snort, Snortby,NSM,Squert, OSSEC and log management, Remote Administration.

Networking: TCP/IP,, Virtual Private Networks, Cisco Networking , PIX firewalls, Vlans ,Switching, Access Control List, Wireless Access points.

Basic Programming: HTML, UNIX Shell scripting , ASP

Applications & Tools: Norton Firewall and Ghost, Norton Virus Protection Utilities,, Sguil Client ,Nessus, Snort, Wireshark, Microsoft Office System (including Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook), Microsoft Project, and Microsoft FrontPage. Variety of open source tools, platforms and scripts.

Work experience


Trouble shoot and repair experience and implementation 

 Installing ,configuring Operating system software

 Setting up Domain name,DNS  and web server hosting.

 Configuring Windows 7 pro, Maintaining windows server 2003 and 2008

 Configuring and maintaining Linux Operating systems servers

 Domain controllers, Antivirus servers, Database servers, DHCP servers, File and print servers and email services

 Able to replace defective computer hardware components and conduct upgrades on servers and workstations (CPU, HDD, memory, power supplies , motherboards controller cards)

 Provide End user support

 Instruct employees on operating a computer and software applications ( includes educating them of internet security risks) 

 Customize account profiles

 Install Desktop and network printers

 Remote Administration

 Mapping Network drives for file sharing

 Mobile cell phone application set ups.


Experience in working with routers , Firewalls, switches and patch panels. 

 Trouble shoot , installation and configuration

 Mainly working with terminal access, configuring Cisco VPN concentrator

Working with Firewall access rules , service guards and application port forwarding. Also experience in wireless network devices such as ; routers, access points and wireless interfaces. References 

 Available upon request


 Skills USA Cisco Networking at Texas State Technical College

Interest and activities I like sports and enjoy going to the theater once in a while . I like to update my knowledge in new technology and always try to be open minded . I like to experience and overcome obstacles with new ideas that come along, I am also into the Solar and mobile technology 

Last Resume Update June 13, 2014
Address brownsville, texas
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Years Experience 3


Texas State Technical College
Computer Networking & Security Technology

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