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Highly motivated, flexible, dependable and ready to work. I work well under pressure, utilizing problem sensitivity, inductive reasoning, and skills and knowledge acquired over a decade of experience in electronics and avionics. Particularly skilled in oral comprehension, decision making processes, and teamwork. I am experienced and capable of working in any environment (i.e. deployable, travelling, foul weather, austere environments). I strive for success and achieving team goals and missions. I am capable of sharing information with superiors, assisting the free flow of information from the top to the bottom of the organization. I value safety, teamwork, and professional development.


Avionics technician, jr apa services, on contract to Hawker Beechcraft Services, houston, tx

march 2014 – april 2014

-Assisted the avionics installation team in the planning, build-up, and installation of various electrical and avionics systems on Hawker-Beechcraft airplanes, such as Flight Data Recorders, Cockpit Voice Recorders, entertainment systems, navigational and communication systems.

-Assisted in the pre fabrication of wiring harnesses for installation in aircraft.

-Assisted the avionics repair shop in the repair and overhaul of various aircraft systems.

Line Service Technician Signature flight support, houston, tx

november 2013 – march 2014

-Serviced general aviation aircraft on the ramp, providing lavatory, fluids, amenities and other services as required.

-Assisted in the towing and movement of aircraft safely and efficiently on the ramp areas.

-Marshalled aircraft onto and off of the ramp areas in a safe, efficient manner.

-Provided VIP services to high profile passengers and visitors.

-Provided fueling services of JET A and AVGAS to general aviation aircraft.

Aircraft Electrician US Army 3-1 Assault Helicopter Battalion

August 2008 – November 2013

Responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of avionics, navigation, electrical, electro-mechanical, and hydro-electrical systems on up to 30 UH-60M Blackhawk helicopters or a mix of UH-60’s, CH-47 Chinooks, OH-58 Kiowa’s, and AH-64 Apache’s in a taskforce setting while deployed. Accountable for the proper use, maintenance and repair of test sets, and ground support equipment associated with assigned duties. Also tasked with the supervision and training of fellow and junior team members in the proper repair techniques, troubleshooting procedures, and proper maintenance record forms. Additional duties included participation on the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team and subsequent training of additional personnel for it; also performed as shop supervisor in the absence of senior personnel, providing hour by hour updates on work status, personnel, and aircraft statuses. Also assisted in the proper maintenance and upkeep of shop supplies and bench stock items, including inventory and ordering of replacement items.

-Served as the avionics shop night shift supervisor in a deployed environment, helping to provide continuous, reliable avionics support around the clock.

-Cross trained avionics technician and aircraft electrician personnel to expand my knowledge and skills, as well as provide a more well-rounded capability to the Task Force.

-Attended training on several systems of the new UH-60M Blackhawk including threat imaging and detection systems(AVR-2B, APR-39, CMWS), standby instruments(ESIS), and software loading kits to provide in house, comprehensive training to my fellow team members more effectively and precisely.

-Acquired valuable experience working on and repairing communications systems such as ARC-231 multiband radios, ARC-201 VHF-FM radio sets, SATCOM/DAMA communications, and GPS systems.

Aviation Electrician’s Mate US Navy Helantisubron 15

August 2003 – August 2008

Responsible for installation, maintenance and testing of aircraft electrical equipment and instruments (such as generators, motors, flight controls, lighting, avionics and navigation systems, hydro-electrical, and electro-mechanical) using the appropriate system drawings and diagrams, schematics and manuals provided for up to 8 SH/HH-60 Seahawk aircraft. Also required maintenance of aircraft systems testing equipment and various ground support equipment. Occasionally would perform as flight crew to confirm either diagnosis of system failure or proper repair of systems. Also accountable for the training and supervision of junior personnel in the proper performance and timely completion of assigned duties. Responsible for the hour to hour updates of personnel (who is available and what skill levels are available), work, equipment (support equipment, and testing equipment alike), and aircraft statuses (fully, partial or not mission capable). Also tasked with the duty of preparing and training junior personnel in becoming more qualified in our shop and maintenance field.

-Qualified per 4790.2 (NAMP) as an electrical systems inspector, personal protective and life support equipment, line maintenance collateral duty quality inspector.

-Qualified Plane captain and landing signalman, GSE licenses included Tow tractors, corrosion carts, tow bars, and power carts.

-Performed quality assurance role for the line maintenance division, assuring inspections and servicing was completed in a timely and efficient manner to maintain a flyable status of all aircraft.

-Served as the Electrical shop night shift supervisor, allowing for continuous electrical systems maintenance and flight support around the clock in a deployed environment.

Served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy, USS Harry S. Truman, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, and USS George Washington. Attached to 2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment Det B Camp Beuhring, Kuwait.


Two Army Good Conduct Medals, two Navy Good Conduct Medals

One Army Achievement Medal, two Navy Achievement Medals

Naval Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist


Embry Riddle Aeronautical university, worldwide campus houston, tx

bachelor of science in aeronautics, minor in helicopter operations and safety

Expected graduation date in July 2016, Placed on the Dean’s List for the January 2014 term

Hohenfels american highschool, hohenfels, germany apo, ae 09173

highschool diploma

Graduated June, 2003

age 3

Last Resume Update June 22, 2014
Address United States of America
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