Safety First: A Comprehensive Guide to Being Safe When You Climb

Being a tower climber can lead to a very rewarding career, however, it can also be a dangerous profession. Although being a tower climber comes with certain risks, you can offset those risks by following these safety tips. 

Follow a Safety Plan

Every tower climber should have an emergency plan in place. This plan should be memorized before climbing a tower even if you have worked on the same tower under similar conditions before. 

Most tower climbing companies issue emergency situation plans that include certain protocols that you can follow whenever an emergency occurs. Most of these protocols also include provisions for a rescue plan that you can depend on if necessary. 

Bring the Proper Equipment 

Another tip to follow whenever working on a tower is to bring the proper equipment. It’s important to bring plenty of gear and to take care of that gear. In many cases, your tower climbing gear is your lifeline. 

One of the best tower climbing safety tips of all is to always store your gear properly. Tower climbing is exhausting, when you’re done working, it’s natural to want to just toss your gear in a big heap, but that would be a mistake and it could put you at risk. 

Why? Because when you don’t store your tower climbing tools and equipment properly, it will break down faster. After a few weeks or months of storing your tower climbing gear improperly, it can become unsafe to use. If you continue to use your gear after storing it improperly, you will increase the risk of equipment failure which subsequently increases the risk of injury or death exponentially. 

Master the Art of Communication

As a tower climber, it’s important to communicate with your team. Being a tower climber is not a job for a lone wolf. In this business, it takes the coordinated efforts of a dedicated team to get the job done safely and correctly.

As such, it’s incredibly important to be a good communicator. Your teammates can’t help you if you’re not communicating with them. Don’t try to take everything on by yourself, remember to communicate. Good communication can help lower the risk of getting injured on the job. 

Seek Continuous Training

The best tower climbers are well-trained tower climbers. If you’re serious about embracing tower climbing safety tips, you’ll be serious about training. One of the best things you can do for yourself as a tower climber is to commit to continuous training courses. 

The more training you have, the safer you’ll be. Not only will you be safer, but you will also be well-prepared for virtually any tower climbing situation. In the tower climbing business, emergencies are common, and when you’re well-trained, you’ll be an asset to your team that can handle virtually any situation in the industry.  

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