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GlobeLink Telecom is a full-service wireless systems Engineering and Installation company. We have extensive experience both internationally and throughout North America with Microwave, satellite, 802.11, cellular and PCS systems engineering and installation. We provide turnkey services for an entire project, from initial design to commissioning. GlobeLink Telecom can engineer additions to your system, design new systems, or perform maintenance on your existing system.
Microwave Systems Design and Engineering
We are well known for our terrestrial microwave engineering and installation work. GlobeLink Telecom has completed numerous design projects up to an OC-12 backbone system and our technicians have installed the equipment of many of the major manufacturers.

Wireless ISP and Hotspot 802.11 Systems Design and Engineering
Key to the success of installations of 802.11 and Hotspot technology is understanding the fundamentals of microwave technology. This has long been a major capability of GlobeLink Telecom and is being well received in the industry. Also, GlobeLink Telecom is an authorized distributor of WaveRider Wireless products.

Radio System Installation and Commissioning
tpic.jpg (11091 bytes) GlobeLink Telecom provides field installation and program management services with an exceptional level of quality that you can rely upon. Our technicians and installers have extensive experience to handle any size project from initial setup to testing the system for proper installation and operation.
Antenna System Installation
GlobeLink Telecom offers installation of antennas for point to point microwave communication and other system applications. We have access to a wide range of antennas, which allows the designer to choose an antenna that most efficiently meets system requirements.

Tower Installation
tower.JPG (19059 bytes) Our aerial technicians have built heavy, self-supporting and guyed towers of Microflect, Andrew, Rohn, Pirod and others. We have extensive experience with helicopter use in remote and hostile sites.
Site Acquisition
Site survey and cost analysis prior to construction and assistance with building and zoning permits.

System Maintenance
Around the clock technical support is provided to ensure maximum possible performance from your system. At GlobeLink Telecom, we believe that maintenance is a critical aspect of turnkey system design.

Satellite Earth Station Installation
tearthstation.jpg (12883 bytes) GlobeLink Telecom provides complete services for earth station installation available in a wide range of sizes from 1.4 to 18 meters for diverse applications.
Fiber Terminal Installation
Fiber allows for use of higher bandwidths and greater capacity than conventional cable. Construction and installation costs, along with mechanical requirements, are greatly reduced with the use of fiber.

Power Generation Systems
GlobeLink Telecom can provide, install and maintain gaseous and diesel fueled standby and emergency power systems.

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