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Shared Towers VA LLC owns and manages multi tenant communication towers, which are made available to the Wireless Communication Community on a lease basis. Shared Towers offers custom designed programs to meet the specific needs of the Customer.

Every individual site is FAA, FCC and environmentally compliant, has convenient power and telco demarcation points, and is expandable to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Shared Towers has an active program for development of new sites. We will acquire existing towers from tower owners, carriers, and develop new sites for carriers or in partnership with site developers. We can also take over permitted projects in progress. The company has owned tower assets and run active tower development projects in fifteen east coast states. Its 12 year history of related companies and 280 towers include:

- 20 tower (all developed) Shared Towers, LLC.

- 160 tower (80 acquired and 80 development) Spectrum Resources Towers, LLC

- 45 tower (39 acquired –and 6 developed) Shared Tower Sites, LLC

- 17 tower (all developed) Shared Towers WV, LLC

- 40 tower (all developed) Shared Sites, LLC

As a smaller privately held company we are responsive and flexible in customizing each transaction. There are no management layers, outside partners, funding sources or banks. This allows us to react quickly to any issue.

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