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Phone #: 636-530-9824
#4 West Drive Suite 110, St. Louis, Missouri 63017, Missouri
St. Charles Tower/ SCT Services is pleased to introduce its’ services!! SCT is a young firm whose dedicated professionals have had many years experience in site acquisition, tower development and management.  Our company is owner-managed by two communication and billboard specialists who have over twenty (75) years employment experience in tower consultation at a national construction firm, international telecommunication company, government agency, national wireless carriers, along with direct affiliation with several regional based communication tower and billboard firms.  Our company was formed as a regional consulting firm that offers tower related consulting services to both state and nationally regulated institutions and private corporations.
     In addition to tower management, we also provide site acquisition and construction services on a variety of real estate related issues.  A considerable portion of our time is dedicated to commercial tower construction, zoning services and tower management.  In addition, our zoning and construction assignments often focus on "special situations" including leased properties involving litigation and/or stealth concealment structures. SCT is currently expanding and involved in a project with Clearwire which will include over 200 new sites in Austin and San Antonio, TX.  It is important to point out that the SCT is concerned with the objectivity of its research and relationships.  Therefore, our company will not become involved with the site acquisition and  investment aspects of the telecommunication industry with the same carrier-client.  We feel this is critical to maintain our professional objectivity and to retain the confidence of our clients.  
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#4 West Drive Suite 110, St. Louis, Missouri 63017, Missouri

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