The Advantages of Tower Climbing Certifications and How They Can Help Your Career

Certifications are a good thing to have in almost any profession. They can help folks qualify for better jobs with higher pay and more substantial benefits. Taking the time to get certified takes commitment, but in the long run, it’s worth it. Here’s the rundown on how certifications can help tower climbers make more money and climb the ladder that leads from a job to a career.

Don’t Just Get Tower Climbing Certifications, Get the Right Certifications

Tower climbing is a challenging profession and those of you who push yourselves to receive certifications are rewarded with higher paying jobs. Climber and Rescue, Rigging, CPR & First Aid, SPRAT, and Rope Access are the most important and highly revered certifications that a tower climber can acquire.

There are many other different tower climbing certifications with different names from different sources, but not all of them will actually help improve your standing in the job market. In fact, pursuing the wrong can actually make you look bad when applying to jobs. To employers, the idea is that if you weren’t smart enough to spot a sham certification, you might not be the smartest candidate in the pile, and so your resume goes in the trash bin.

It is absolutely and irrefutable imperative that tower climbers hoping to improve their circumstances acquire the right certifications from the right sources. A certification like Climber and Rescue or SPRAT can greatly improve your position on the job market, as long as you acquire those certifications from the appropriate source. What are the right sources? The right source is a recognized source that’s respected by employers.

One could argue that the whole process of having to  find the right certifications from the right sources is confusing and unduly and somewhat unfair. While weeding the good certs and sources from the meaningless money pits can certainly be confusing, you’ll be perfectly fine as long as you do the research. Although it might seem frustrating, having the right certifications can really put you in a whole new bracket, a better one.

At the end of the day, having strong certifications from recognized sources is a huge advantage that will help you make a lot more money in the long run.

Benefits of Having Tower Climbing Certifications

There are countless benefits to having strong and well-recognized tower climber certifications. For one thing, you’re going to make a lot more money with certifications in this business than without them. Another fact worth noting is that many of these certifications can do more than thicken your billfold, they can save your life. Certain certifications teach tower climbers how to utilize fall-protection equipment. Employers value these certifications for a reason, because they help save lives. Some certifications like the Climber and Rescue cert won’t just teach you how to keep yourself safe, but also how to perform rescues.

Tower climbing certifications will also help you work more efficiently and productively which will help you stand as a star candidate to employers in your field. Overall, there are many benefits to having good certifications as a tower climber, you’ll live longer, and go higher.

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