Tips to Keeping Your Gear in Optimal Condition

Young Man, Blue Sky, Thumbs Up, Luxury Watch, SuccessBeing a tower climber is a lot of fun. People say it’s dangerous work and it can be especially dangerous if you disregard safety tips or use your gear improperly. As a tower climber, your climbing gear is your lifeline. 

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, if your climbing gear is in poor condition, a component could fail and you could be seriously injured. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your climbing gear in optimal condition. 

1. Keep it Clean

If you take care of your climbing gear, it’ll take care of you. One of the first things to know about taking good care of tower climbing gear is to keep it clean. You should clean and replace your footwear and gloves regularly. By keeping your footwear and gloves clean, you’ll insure maximum traction while climbing.

Both boots and gloves lose a significant amount of traction when the soles are covered in dirt or worn. In the tower climbing world, if you lose your footing or grip, it can put you in a precarious situation, so keep your footwear and gloves clean replaced regularly!

2. Store Your Gear Properly

When storing your tower climbing gear, it’s important to keep them in a dry area that isn’t too hot or too cold. If you store your tower climbing gear in a place that is cold and damp, it can rust. Rusty tower climbing gear is a recipe for disaster! By keeping your gear in a dry area that’s not too hot or too cold, it will last longer and ensure your safety. 

Also, be sure to keep gear like climbing rope away from the sun. If you leave your climbing rope in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight during the day, it can cause the rope to fray and eventually deteriorate. 

This also goes for ropes. You should always keep your ropes clean and free of debris. Never bring a dirty rope to a job site. In the tower climbing business, using rope that has been left in the sun for too long can be extremely dangerous as it makes the rope more liable to snap under pressure. 

You should also keep your tower climbing gear away from salty environments. The salt can eat right through some of your gear and cause corrosion. If you work on a lot of towers that are in salty environments, you will have to replace some of your gear more frequently. 

3. Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Tower Climbing Gear

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and replace your tower climbing gear with brand new equipment. While some tower climbers get attached to their gear or think that it brings them luck, most tower climbing gear will have to be replaced at some point in time. 

Although taking good care of your tower climbing gear can definitely extend its viability, you will still have to replace it eventually for your own safety. 

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Image Source: Pixabay