4 Signs Your Ready for a Career As a Tower Climber

Being a tower climber can be a great career, the advantages are plentiful and the risks are relatively low as long as you’re careful and well-trained. Strange is it may seem, most kids don’t wake up one day and say that they want to be a tower climber when they grow up, it’s something that […]

Looking for a JOB as a Tower Technician?

The job market is competitive to say the least. Sure, there are jobs in other fields available, but once you have climbed a tower…how could you ever go back? When a good job in the tower climbing industry becomes available, many, many candidates will apply. When an employer gets a stack of resumes, yours needs […]

Life as a Tower Climber

What if you had the kind of job where you had to climb 1000 foot structures on a daily basis for employers that care more about money than they do about your wellbeing? The life of a tower climber is not one for everyone. Tower climbers are well aware of the choice they make to […]

Tower Climbing Safety

Tower climbing makes for an important and irrefutable part of many occupations and organizations, like Mobile service providers for instance. The act of Tower climbing is necessary for providing and completing certain services that are integral to the trade it is associated with. For instance, mobile Service providers need to climb towers regularly in order […]

Tower Climbing Safety

Climbing telecommunications towers although may look as simple as climbing a ladder with definite looking rungs, however, it is such an action which requires extreme care, alertness, training, somewhat experience and most of all knowledge. If your checklist ticks all of the aforementioned factors then you are ready to climb a telecom tower. The sole […]

Union Wireless – Company Spotlight

There is a lot of competition between cell phone providers. It seems that every company has some gimmick or trick. From complicated data plans to spotty coverage, many consumers feel limited. But, there is one company that has not forgotten that communication is about bringing people together not driving them away. Why Union Wireless? Since […]

Telecom Careers – Which one is right for you.

Telecom Careers Each day telecommunications (telecoms) play a role in your life. From getting on the bus to work, being called by your boss who is wondering why you’re late, or relaxing at home with a movie on pay per view. Even reading this article involves the use of telecoms. I’m sure you grasp what […]