Tower Climbing Helmet Fit and Maintenance

tower climbing helmet maintenanceYour helmet is one accessory that you will practically live in. It will be worn everyday, in the heat, in the cold, in every condition imaginable. Unlike a pair of shoes, your helmet will not “break in,” it’s straps may loosen with use, but it is industrial and not exactly designed for comfort. Your helmet can still be semi comfortable though, if you get the proper fit.

Tower Climbing Helmet

First, understand that not all Tower Climbing Helmets are created the same. The straps on the inside of the helmet may be a little higher set, while on others it is lower. It sounds a bit odd, but think about the shape of your head when buying. Since work helmets sit on top of the head and do not encompass it, take notice if your ears protrude a great deal or if your head is bigger or smaller than average.

Do not try to eyeball the measuring process. Most tower climbing helmet straps are adjustable, but the helmet should not have to be adjusted all the way to its tightest or loosest setting. When you try on the tower climbing helmet, have the straps loosened first, then only tighten them once it is on your head. This will prevent the helmet from feeling to tight once you slip it on.

Once the helmet is placed on your head and tightened, look to see if there are any gaps. Move your head back and forth, side to side to make sure it doesn’t wobble. Those who wear helmets in the construction field want a good fit as well, but unless these men are working on skyscrapers, they don’t need to worry as much about a helmet slipping off as tower climbers do.

Since tower climbers spend their lives up in the air, getting a helmet with a chin strap, or at least one with the ability to have one attach, is a necessity. Not only can a tower climbing helmet injure someone greatly if it falls from 1000 feet, but that is a long climb back down to retrieve the lost helmet. This climb will occur without head protection, which puts the climber at extra risk. So, no matter how well that helmet fits, add a chin strap. This will also add freedom to the climb.

Once a helmet is decided upon, be sure to check with your company to see if they require any specific color, take care of it. Treat the helmet well and it will protect you. Do not forget to replace your helmet if it takes any hits, as this will change the structural integrity. Having your own helmet is a symbol of pride, a mark that you are a professional in your field. In time, you will be so comfortable with it, it will feel like an extension of your body.

To properly take care of your tower climbing helmet, it should not be thrown into the back of a truck where is can be thrown around. If you have a locker at work, it should be kept there. If not, it can ride in your car as long as it is sitting on the brim.