Union Wireless – Company Spotlight

union wirelessThere is a lot of competition between cell phone providers. It seems that every company has some gimmick or trick. From complicated data plans to spotty coverage, many consumers feel limited. But, there is one company that has not forgotten that communication is about bringing people together not driving them away.

Why Union Wireless?

Since its inception, Union Wireless has focused on serving the community that they call home. Union Wireless makes things simple with contracts designed to fit anyone’s needs. The plans begin at $40 per month without signing a contract. This price includes unlimited talk and text. The open and honest price helps you know what you are spending each month. There are no tricks and no “for a limited time” offers. Your price is your price period.


But what if you need more data? Union Wireless has you covered. With plans all the way up to 8 GB per month even the most frequent Facebookers, tweeters, bloggers, and gamers will have the data they need to get things done.

Most of us have had experiences with companies that promise good deals but have less than desirable phones. This is not an issue with Union Wireless. All of the best phones; iPhones, Studio’s, Cats, HTC’s, and more are available and always in stock.


If you already have a phone you love, Union Wireless wants you to bring it with you and keep your number. After all, getting your new number out to everyone you know is nothing short of a hassle.

Some companies make their customers wait six, 12 or even 18 months before they can upgrade their phone. With the Equipment Installment Plan offered through Union Wireless customers are able to upgrade early and make payments on their phone over 24 months. These no interest payments give power back to you, the customer.


From coast to coast, Union Wireless has coverage throughout most of the United States. Their coverage even expands to Hawaii, parts of Alaska and to Puerto Rico. Some companies have spotty coverage or want to charge you extra when you have to leave your coverage area. Union Wireless is constantly working to make their already strong network stronger, faster, and easier.

Landline phones are not as common as they used to be. When a big winter storm makes you lose your cell signal, a landline can be a life, saver. That doesn’t mean you have to pay multiple companies, though. With residential and commercial landline services available in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, they make it affordable to have a landline. You get the choice of which features you need and which ones you don’t, so you never have to pay for something you will never use.

Calls can be made to most countries with Union Wireless and most of these international calls will cost you less than a nice cup of coffee. Calling to Mexico, for example, starts at as little as $0.08 per minute. Want to call a friend in England? At $0.05 per minute you can talk longer and connect more.


Unlike traditional landline services, there is no lengthy access code you need in order to check your messages. With Union Wireless you can log on and check your messages using a secure username and password. A handy feature if you can’t find the handset due to a precocious 2-year-old or if you just want more privacy.

It is much easier to pay one service provider instead of three or four different companies. With this being said, Union Wireless also offers internet services. With plans to expand in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, many residents of these states already have the opportunity to get high-speed, low-cost internet access.


What makes their internet service unique is that, like most phone plans, you can pick your plan based on how fast of a connection speed you need. So if you get online a couple times a month a 1.5 Mbps speed is all you may need. If you are a heavy gamer or spend hours streaming, the 20 Mbps plan may be more your speed (pun intended). Either way Union Wireless gives you exactly what you need. Plus, they give you a free landline.


Union Wireless has many locations in northern Colorado and throughout Wyoming. They are ever growing but don’t want to get too big. They believe in serving the local area and giving the people who live there the best service they can. With all of the multi-billion dollar companies out there, it is nice to see a locally owned business. Anyone who shops locally knows that smaller business’ care more about their customers.

Until lately, if you wanted solid coverage you had to go with one of the top few names. This was especially true if you lived in a rural area. In fact, as someone who used to live rurally I can attest to the joys of climbing to the nearest hilltop in a foot of snow just to get a signal. In the past decade, though, cell service and Wi-Fi have even become available in these areas.

This company does things differently because they are different. They understand globally while thinking locally. In a world full of distant and defensive companies, Union Wireless has a friendliness that reminds you of the way business is supposed to work.