Company Location 290 Andrew Road
Company Website
City , Feasterville/Trevose
Category All
Frequency Weekly

• NIKSEN INC Scopes of Work Performed
o Line & Antenna – In House
o Electrical – In House Master Electrician Consultant & Electrical Partners
o Tower Modification - In House Welders, Caisson Mods, Anchors, Guy Wires, Raw Land
o Tower Inspections - In House
o Engineering – Partners
o Site Acquisition – Partners
o Integration - In House
o Road Construction Work - In House
o i/oDAS Neutral Host Large Professional/Enterprise Venue - In House
o Small Cell - In House
o Fiber – In House/Partners
o Tower New Construction - In House
o Tower Operations - In House
o Small Cell Operations - In House
o Fiber Operations - In House/Partners
• What Customers do you support?
o AT&T - Yes
o T-Mobile - Yes
o Verizon – Yes
o DISH 5G – Yes
o Verticals – Through Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, SAC, SBA, ATC

Current job openings at NIKSEN INC

  • Currently this employer doesn't have any openings.