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Comtrain Training Courses
Tower climbing is regularly recognized by various governing bodies, companies, and individuals, as one of the most dangerous occupations that a human can have. Although the work that tower climbers do is essential to the maintenance of our communication systems around the world, the job is certainly not without its risks. For example, in the year of 2014 alone, there have been six tower climber-related deaths in the United States of America. The latest two were on March 25th, in Blane, Kansas, due to the falling of a structure.

All of those people within the tower climbing industry – whether tower climber themselves, or employers of tower climbers – want to ensure that the number of deaths from tower climbing related activities can be completely brought down to zero. It is simply not acceptable that the average death rate for tower climbers is higher than any other job within the construction or building industry. This is why there is such a heavy emphasis on training and safety awareness within the companies that utilize tower climbers to help them maintain their assets.

There are two main aspects to safety when it comes to tower climbing: equipment, and knowledge. There are many different kinds of safety apparatus that it is imperative that all tower climbers carry with them at all times. For example, it is vital that a tower climber has a torch and a first aid kit, as well as a two way radio. However, they will also need a good solid harness, recommended by a safety company, as well as a rescue kit that can be used for another climber, as well as the individual carrying it. Obviously, the actual clothes that a tower climber wears are just as important as the safety equipment that they carry. A tower climber will need to wear strong and sturdy boots, and have gloves with grip patches on them. Without all of these basic safety pieces of gear, it is impossible for a tower climber to climb secure in the knowledge that he or she will definitely be able to come down in one piece.

The knowledge aspect of tower climbing is very important. ComTrain is a company that has, since the year 1996, been training tower climbers with all of the vital information that they will need to make a successful and safe climb. They also offer training courses on fall protection, and rescue training, so that if one member of a tower climbing team is injured or stuck somewhere, the rest of his or her team can rescue them. Other courses include training on hazard assessment, fixed ladder usage, and mandated safety meetings. ComTrain has offered its training to over 45,000 individuals through many different private companies and public government organizations over the years, and there are branches of ComTrain throughout the United States of America.

ComTrain’s training is internationally recognised as one of the best, and is therefore an official training provider for companies such as American Tower, Bechtel, and Union Pacific Railroad. In fact, there are many companies that employ tower climbers that will refuse to hire anyone that has not received their training from ComTrain. For a tower climber to be certified by ANSI/ASSES and OSHA, they have to be trained through a ComTrain course.

If you are an aspiring tower climber, do not even consider applying for jobs before you have seriously thought about the training courses that you will require. Without them, you will be a danger to yourself and everyone else on site, so it is for everyone’s benefit that each individual gets trained – and the best people in the business are ComTrain.