Electrical Alpinist: What is an Electrical Alpinist?

An electrical alpinist takes on the tasks of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing cell towers. This is a rewarding job for those who are brave and highly skilled. They know their work facilitates communication in daily life and ensures people remain connected while on the go. How does a person go about pursuing a career in this field? Why should they do so?

Electrical Alpinist

Electrical alpinists install, inspect, and maintain antennas and other transmitter systems. These individuals construct the towers and place necessary components at the top of each tower to extend the coverage of radio, TV, and cell phones.

The height at which these individuals work puts them in danger. Once they reach the apex of the tower, they must have the skill and technician understanding to install, maintain, and repair this equipment. At times, the individual must be well-versed in the industry wiring methods of a particular company.

Often, these individuals work in teams of four. Two individuals climb the towers, one worker carries the heavy equipment, and a supervisor oversees the project and the other three employees. Each team undergoes training to know how to handle a variety of emergency situations.

How to Become an Electrical Alpinist

Electrical alpinists complete training in the proper use of climbing equipment and how to evaluate climbing conditions. They learn how to monitor their exposure to extreme temperatures and radio frequencies. This training helps to reduce any potential risks.

Electrical alpinists often work long hours and must travel to various locations to scale and repair towers as needed. They must be in excellent shape to climb towers and stand for hours without a break. In addition, they must be mobile, as they will move around a significant amount.

An individual must prepare to work in extreme conditions if they wish to secure a job in this industry. Electrical alpinists often work in severe weather to get these towers up and running. This adds to the risks they face.

Electrical Alpinist Salary and Benefits

Individuals can expect to make $17 per hour the first year they are on the job. This is the average pay. With experience, they make approximately $19 per hour. Due to the risks associated with this type of job, the salary of an electrical alpinist can quickly increase into the upper five figures.

People who pursue a career as an electrical alpinist find doing so comes with many benefits. A person only needs a high school diploma to get a job in this field, and job opportunities remain plentiful. A person won’t need to worry about being laid off when the economy takes a downturn. There will always be a need for those in this profession.

Individuals who love a challenge find this is the ideal job. They never know what weather they will face or what they will find when they climb a tower. The physical challenges they encounter provide them with a boost of adrenaline, which is what thrill-chasers seek.

Getting a Job as an Electric Alpinist

Every person working in this field must make safety the top priority. They must know how and when to use a harness and what climbing gear they need for each job. In addition, they must monitor the weather and know when to climb and when to wait on the ground for a storm to pass.

Electrical alpinists encounter many obstacles when on the job. They must handle pressure well, as they will take on a range of tasks. Men and women who love this type of work environment should look into a job as an electrical alpinist. They might find it is the career they have searched for.

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