Ready for a Career Change? Where to Begin Your Search for Tower Climbing Openings

There comes a point in every person’s life where they must decide whether their happy with their circumstances or not. We don’t all find our dream jobs right away. Sometimes it takes a number of years. For example, if you have been working in construction and are at the point where it’s not fulfilling anymore you might find yourself exploring the idea of other career options. 

For people that enjoy exciting and hands on work, are not afraid of heights, and can perform many physical tasks, tower climbing may appeal to you. Being a tower climber can be much more exciting than construction or other physically demanding jobs. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the world around you which can be quite exhilarating indeed. 

As a tower climber, you’ll face new opportunities and new challenges every day which keeps the job fresh and engaging. The pay is also generous which attracts a lot of people to the tower climbing industry. The key is to find a tower climbing job, here are some tips to aid your search. 

Where Not to Look

Before diving into the best places to look when searching for tower climber jobs, let’s start with where not to look. By understanding where not to look for a tower climber job, you can save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary strain. 

While big job boards like Indeed, Moster, etc might be a decent enough source for finding used furniture and electronics, it’s not the best place to find a job, especially a tower climbing job. Craigslist is another place people look for jobs but can be difficult due to the number of spam or scam posts. You should know that most respectable tower climbing companies would be hesitant to post a tower climbing job on Craigslist. 

Start Networking

To start your job search, you’ll want to start networking like crazy. Although you don’t need connections to land a job in the tower climbing industry, it helps to know a few people in the field so you canask them for advice. Searching for tower climber jobs can take a lot of time due to the toll of trial and error. 

You can make fewer mistakes with every application by talking with experienced tower climbers and asking them what kind of skills and experience you should be highlighting on your resume. 

LinkedIn and even Facebook are two great networking platforms to find experienced tower climbers and start connecting. Join groups on Facebook such as: TowerClimber Jobs USA and the Wireless Jobs group members are very helpful and can provide sound advice and tips for your job search. There are also jobs posted within these groups weekly.  A little advice can go a long way and help you build a resume that will appeal to employers in the tower climbing industry.  

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