Tower Tech

TOWER TECH. ATS - Orlando, F L 2012- 2013
F las h lighting inst allations- Re-lamped approximat ely 120 different towers , changing sy st ems over from
ant iquat ed High Volt age s y stems to newer, longer last ing more efficient L ED s y stems. Veriz on upgrades-
cabinet installation, coaxial cable line and ant enna jobs . L ines received PPC connect ors and were Anrits u t es ted.
Some project s were hot- swaps and many included diplexers. Sprint L TE upgrades- Hy brid cable preparation and
installation, cus tom s ys tem mount ing/routing, fiber test ing certified, AAT.

SEL F EMPL OYEED TREE SERVICE - Charlot te, NCxxx-xxx-xxxx
Clas s A pruning, round overs , s torm duty , hanger removal, tree removal, s tump grinding.

Position required tower technician sk ills and cus tomer s ervice s kills. Pers onally generat ed new work from
s ervice sales to project complet ion, including crew coordination, etc. start to finis h. Project s varied from
s ervicing t he Duke Energy Corporation, Clear-wire microwave and internet link s, tower lighting jobs , tower
beef- ups , s helter placement or even guy -wire change outs . Generally jobs involved microwave LOS alignment
and elliptical line ins tallation, but included special night work as well etc.

TOWER TECH EXCEL TOWER SERVICES - Charlot te, NCxxx-xxx-xxxx
Involved with various projects from tower stack s t o wireless cell sites , we traveled all over the US work ing long
hours. I learned at this time that the indust ry was growing and had an endless network .

ROBOTIC ENGINEER MARK SYSTEMS - Wilmingt on, NCxxx-xxx-xxxx
Mark Sy s tems is a company t hat relocat ed me to France. I lived in France for a y ear learning chemical safety
with MESA and checking t ools for carbon dioxide leaks . When this would occur an alarm would go off and t he
tools would shut down. Then I would reset the equipment and fix t he problem. The tools made high qualit y
disk s for any thing that us ed a chip; cell phones , xbox, and heat s eek ing mis siles etc.

USTS specialized in governmental work, tower erections and broadcasting TV towers. This is the
company where I learned to love tower work and appreciate the industry. I learned the difference
between hard lines and coax line as well as elliptical. Many nights we had to climb to check the hard
lines in towers for air leaks as well as changing out elbows for the TV antenna.

CONTACT INFORMATI ON : Cell Phone: (980) 322- 7813 Email:
Address: 170 pleasant hill dr kannapolis NC 28081

ComT rained Bright Suns, (AT T) Antenna Alig nment Tool

T roll/miller Sr uc tural Modific ations, Platfor ms

Crosby rig g ing c ert. Beef-ups

CommSc ope c onnector and Andr ew cert. Helic opter Operations

Andrew mic rowave cert. Hig h-Steel Maintenance

Flash T ec hnolog y cert. Chicag o R ig ging

OSHA 10 c ert. Gin-Pole systems, Gin Pipe

Fiber testing and c leaning c ert by JDSU Var ious antenna systems

Genie L ift Competent RRUs

Sky c limb competent Diplex er s, Combiners, Filters

Spider c limb competent Dap Heads

T -R ex forklift c ompetent Fiber Jumpers

Boom truc k competent T esting Procedures

PPC c onnector competent Closeout packag es

Winch Operator Cable system routing

Controlled desc ent system competent Halo g rounding systems

Cabinet Installation EUPEN c er t.

Elec trical Codes

Blueprint R ed-L ining

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Years Experience 13 to 14 years in the tower industry

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