- Troubleshooting - Level Headed
- Leadership Experience - Experienced Working with Heavy Equipment
- Adaptable - Safety Minded

- Airstreams Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program Certificate
- Authorized Climber and Rescue Certificate - Level 1 Crane Rigging Certificate
- American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Card - Signalperson Certificate
- OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Card - Capstan Hoist Certificate
- Electrical Safety Certificate - CADWELD Certificate
- Fasteners, Torque, and Tension Certificate

Education and Training
Airstreams Renewables, Inc. Oct 2019
Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program
Accelerated training on various aspects of electrical, mechanical and technical skills required to safely troubleshoot and
service renewable energy and communication tower equipment with an emphasis on safety.
U.S. Army Feb 2016
Nodal Network Systems Operator/ Maintainer Advanced Individual Training
In depth training on the installation and use of advanced communications equipment to be used in crucial
missions stateside and abroad.

Career History and Accomplishments
U.S. Army Communications Relay Group Nov 2015 - Oct 2019
Operator/ Maintainer
- Worked in a four-person team to maintain safety standards for PATRIOT Missile Systems.
- Ensured proper working order of $500,000 worth of sensitive communications equipment using shop SOPs and
loopback devices.
- Set and maintained site security by allowing traffic through limited entry and exit points. Briefed workers on
possible hazards, proper PPE and safe operation of tasks.
- Consistently exceeded company standards in team safety certifications.
- Performed site surveys for the purpose of establishing safe work sites to facilitate the operation of various heavy
equipment for secure sites. Implemented heavy equipment in a manner so as to provide communication with other
remote sites.
- Regularly led training of new workers in safety standards, day-to-day function and advanced systems maintenance.

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