Lead Field Engineer & Certified Climber

Skills & Abilities Anritsu PIM Master and Line Sweep Master certified
Highly skilled with lots of experience troubleshooting site alarms and
maintaining multiple carriers
Experienced L&A Upgrades and Tower Structure Mods.

Construction managing skills with the ability to coordinate and run
multiple tower crews and projects at once, while keeping the customer
pleased and completing projects on time.

Very experienced and knowledgeable working on tower top, on the
ground or in cabinets and shelters

Knowledge getting permits and scheduling inspections
Ability to read and red line Construction Drawings and RFDS site
Experience using ART, Siterra and CAM tool/EAMS for COP uploads

Trained in Commercial Electrical installations (Low and High Voltage)
Experienced operator on Boom Trucks and Cranes
Classroom Trained 2 years in Computer Auto-Cad Programs

Highly Experienced in Rigging and Hoisting on Towers under difficult

8+ Years of climbing and rigging experience

Experience with newly revised tower owners (Crown, American &
SBA) COP and rigging plans
Foreman, Future Technologies LLC

Verizon AWS/LTE overlay project for Ericsson. Adding 3 to 6 antennas, 3 to 9
RRUs and 1 to 4 Raycaps on tower top. In shelter installing rack, alarm OVPs,
SPDs, fiber management and Rayaps. LTE 700 cut-over and AWS 2100
commissioning. VPW, EAMS COP uploads and Verizon COP excel package.
Construction Crew lead doing SouthernLINC LTE builds consisted of 3 antenna
sky mounts and RRUs on tower and microwave dish with horizontal and
vertical radios (MINI-Link) on tower. Shelter and Cabinet work installation.
Completed full site builds and worked with Ericsson using the SPOT program
and Virtual Punch Walks.
Microwave Installation, path and alignment. MMU programming and script
updating on ODU radios.
Sprint COW setups and decommissioning in and around the southeast.


Supervised 6 Production Crews and 2 Tiger Teams
Worked directly with Sprint, Nokia and other GC’s as support during
site integration and deployment
Trained Crews for Sprint 2.5 Deployment which consisted of revising Sprint 2.5
MOP and On-Site Training.
Trained crews on using Sweep & Fiber testing Equipment

ACAS Maintenance Ticket Coordinator
Worked with AT&T to have Tiger Teams Support and complete service tickets
Started AT&T ACAS Support Vendor in Little Rock, Ark. Market
Warehouse Manager
In charge of ordering all material, safety equipment and Testing
Fleet and DOT Management

Foreman, Data Cell Systems

AT&T LTE carrier upgrades in Tennessee Market
Assisted with opening new office in Atlanta.
Started AT&T ACAS support tiger team for Georgia market.
Training T-CAP crews when released into the field for the AT&T project

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Responsibilities Included Completing Tower Modernizations/Upgrades On-
time to the customer’s specifications and safety being #1 priority. Completing
and uploading COP in timely manner.
Carriers Include:
AT&T UMTS/LTE Upgrade(Alabama Market),
Verizon AWS Upgrade to Air-Antennas/Fiber to Tower Top(Atlanta Market)
T-Mobile1900 UMTS /LTE Modernization(Atlanta & St. Louis Markets)


Top Hand doing AT&T UMTS Upgrades in South Florida Market
Experience on Tower MODS, Beef-Ups and Raw-Land Builds
Hands-on experience to inspect, test and repair complete
RF antenna line systems Microwave alignment and pathing for DragonWave


High rise sign and billboard installation and service
Exterior Sign Fabrication/Installation
Crane Operator, Welder, Sign Maintenance, Electrical Technician
Serviced signs at heights up to 210’ on a regular basis

GRUNT/Line Truck OPERATOR, Pike Electric

(drilling and setting power poles) Worked 2 Emergency Storms (Katrina
Hurricane and Tex-Arcana Ice storm)
Trained Pole climber
Daily responsibilities prepping and setting new poles
Providing tools and material quickly to line-man

Construction Superintendent, Northpoint CITI Development LLC

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Stonewick Subdivision 20 town home development
Decatur Place 15 unit development
Subcontractor Scheduling and Supervision
Atlanta Homebuilders Certified

Education & • Anritsu PIM master certification
certifications • Verizon AWS/LTE Overlay (Ericsson) Certification
• Southern Company Special Access to work on any Plant or Facility
• AT&T Supplier Training and Quality Certification (LTE 1C, 2C, 3C and 4C
• Sprint 65MHz Upgrade Ericsson Certification

• Sprint 2.5 Nokia Service Provider Certification
• Anritsu Site Master Line Sweep Certification
• OSHA 30 Hour Certification
• First Aid, CPR, AED & Blood-borne Pathogens valid through 05/2017
• Com-Trained Climb & Rescue Certification
• T- Mobile / Nokia Vendor Excellence Certification
• DTS RF Energy Awareness Training Certification valid through 2018
• Ericsson EAMS and CAM tool SP Certification
• SouthernLINC Civils LTE upgrade Certification
• Antenna Alignment Tool trained (3Z and Sun sight)
• JDSU & ODM Fiber testing experience and training

Leadership The best part of being in this industry is that I could never learn or know
everything. Its constantly being upgraded shall I say. When training others or
morning tailgate meeting I always stress the quality should be as if your
picture and phone number is on everything you install or maintaining when
troubleshooting. Quality is second to safety.

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