▪ Able to provide support to the Project Managers/Engineers to identify potential solu-
▪ Ability to comprehend program changes and new guidelines; Implement new changes in
daily production immediately with minimal error rate to maintain integrity of documents.
▪ Provide superior customer service to both internal and external Project Managers/Engi-
▪ Able to maintain knowledge of investor guidelines and procedures.
▪ Experience multi-tasking in fast-paced office environments.
▪ Electronic Document Control Systems skills include:
Documentum with McLaren
McLaren Enterprise Engineering
Auto Cad
Google Docs
Microsoft Office (Word, Access Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook),
Corel Word Perfect 8
Lotus Notes, Lotus 1*2*3
ACT!, Word Perfect 6.0,
FedEx Online Shipping Manager
OCE S6000 Scanner
Photo House
Adobe Acrobat
Sage 100

ITT: Information Technology - Computer Network Systems/ Deans list 2012
• Intro to computers
• Microsoft software install and operations
• Network standards and protocols
• Windows configuration
• Algebra 1 &2
• Trigonometry
• Introduction to information Systems Security
Engineering Documentation Specialist at Sierra Detention Systems

6/16 to 1/17 Detentions Security Systems

Preparing Submittals and Operation Manuals for several contracts using Revit (Bluebeam). Preparing
BOM, List and Schedules, Drawings, Sequence of Operation, Screen Shots by reading the specifications
for each project. At times utilizing the engineers to meet contract deadlines. Creating bookmarks and hy-
perlinks within the documents to satisfy contract request.

Project Coordinator/Inventory Control Specialist at Premier Eurocase
06/15 to 06/16 Manufacturing Construction/Cabinets.
Assisted general manager in creating BOM(Bill Of Material) to release inventory accurately using Auto
CAD drawings supplied by Project Managers/Engineers. threw out the company. Updating Sage 100
database with daily events for current status of material and document accuracy. Conducted end of year
inventory count, Sage update, and document back up. Using Sage 100 and Excel to update and control
inventory of raw material and finished product.

Document Control Specialist at GPT Industries
09/2014 to 06/15 Manufacturing oil seals.
Updated Document flow for current and new clients using . Utilized cover sheets and transmittals whale
keeping the integrity of the document. supplied MRB’s from 2011 that required research and communica-
tion with Project Managers/Engineers. Retrieved a million dollars in revenue. Repaired relationships with
clients by providing corrected documents to complete projects and retrieve revenue.

Document/Inventory Control Specialist at Sandoz
04/2014 to 09/14 Manufacturing Generic Drugs.
Updated inventory using new EDM software system. Used good manufacturing practices (GMP) in this
clean room environment (CRE). Created labels from new electronic document management system. Up-
dated new inventory scanning system with relevant inventory information.

Mortgage Processor at Urban Lending Solutions
6/2012 to 3/23/14 Home Loans
Processed home modification for Bank of American, SunTrust Bank and Chase Bank. Researched and
checked documents for accuracy and completion. using document tracking database systems for each

Enrolled at ITT
06/2011 to 06/2012.

Administer of OPUS at Lender Live
05/2009 to 06/2012 Home Loans
Final Mod Department document tracking database and Lender Live document processing database. To
include: QC and Notary for each document on this ongoing project.

Engineering Project Information Specialist II at URS Washington Group
04/07 to 4/2009 Oil and Gas Construction/Engineering Company.
Document Control using EDM system Docutron and Documentum with McLaren, for industrial process.
Assisted in gathering and controlling distribution of all documents ( VDI, Engineering Documentation,
Spec/Data sheets) using contract instruction and engineers as necessary for completing in the making of
the EPC and Dossier package to include clickable DVD and physical copies for the clients around the
world. Archived 3 environmental projects utilizing document tracking database to track all 150,000 + en-
gineering documents in each project. To include detailed information for each box stored.

Document Control, Administrative Assistant at Burns and McDonnell
01/2005 to 03/07 Engineering Company
Maintained and distributed blue prints in an EDM computer system using VID for distribution guidance for
each project. Scanned physical prints to be put on internet or sent via internet to clients utilizing transmit-
tals for accuracy and integrity.

Document Control, Administrative Assistant at Statline
10/2004 to 01/2005 Organ Donation
Assistant to Family Service Coordinators, completed all document, faxing, filing, and proofread consents;
monitored all incoming calls for document accuracy for Triage QA processing threw EDM system.

1998 – 10/2004 – New Mexico
• NAMBE MILLS, Espanola, NM - Maintained inventory reports in a EDM database, entered time
for payroll and produced payroll reports. Produced all daily production reports and all OSHA and
workmen's compensation paper work. Enforced OSHA regulations. Using good manufacturing prac-
tices (GMP). Worked manufacturing line to QC product for shipment.
• STATE OF NEW MEXICO FILM OFFICE - Loaded new photos from computer files to an EDM
database using Photo Shop, changing photos from GIF to JPG. Used PowerPoint to present ideas on
system improvement and solutions
▪ GENZYME GENETICS - Maintained the EDM database for incoming specimens, maintained
biohazard materials for disposal according to SOP, and other lab work Using good manufacturing
practices (GMP) in this clean room environment (CRE).
▪ THORNBURG MORTGAGE - Document Control Maintained all incoming and outgoing files in
EDM database; Used FedEx online shipping manager for shipping documents.
• OPTIONS SERVICE - Administrative Assistant: Answered all incoming calls, handled check
and W-2 W-4 requests, and wrote all incident reports, filing, monthly verifications, and general staff
• ZIA FILM DISTRIBUTION - Manager of Sales Administration: Responsibilities included an-
swering all incoming calls in a fast-paced environment, maintaining and updating an EDM system
ACT! Data base of 3,000 clients, updating websites with current photos and information, sending
out samples, and all tracking and follow up.
• WILD FLOWER -Accounting Assistant: Payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable using
Mas 90 and QuickBooks Pro 2000

Department of Health/Health Systems - payroll, payment vouchers, purchase docu-
ments, mail outs etc.
Department of Health/Chronic Disease Division - Payment vouchers, purchase doc-
uments, and 700- piece mail out.
Department of Education - Data entry, re-entering lost data into state database
New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Systems Control Department - compare,
correct and edit computer printouts.

References upon request interview.
Preferred Salary 55,000 yr

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