I know my knots and how to rig according to the pulleys/blocks guidelines all the way to the
weight of the load vs the wind load. I also have experience running a cat-head and flying
antennas in a safely manner always using a tag line when necessary . I have worked on
t-mobile and i am familiar with their diagrame and how the fiber is ran to individual fiber I am
effective in troubleshooting a site until the problem is resolved.. I am a team player in all
aspects and is willing to go the extra mile in order to make the company excel in any way
possible. I know that every time we climb that tower their is a chance we will not com e down,
but i make sure that everyone is 100% tied off to the tower including myself so at the end of
the day we can all return home to our families. Not only do i practice great tower safety skills
but also being Aground man in noticing and locating any potential hazards in the area. I enjoy
tower construction and its one of my passions ever since i stepped foot onto a tower. I aslo
have PTP Wireless experiece in hanging Backhauls and Access points so that people in rual areas
can have access to the internet. I am Com-Trained,RF, CPR, 10hr Osha Construction certified. I
am willing to go the extra mile and do whatever needs to be done to get the job done. I have
also stacked a few towers, mostly self-suppport towers, but i do have stacking experecince.
Sprint LTE upgrade Experience Knots and Rigging
Team Player PTP wireless
OSHA 30hr Construction CADWELD Experiece
Com-Train Stacking Towers
RF Certified AC/DC power and control systems
CPR Cert. Excellent written and verbal
Sweep Gear communication skills
JDSU FIber Testing Superior troubleshooting skills
Competent Climber Efficient
100 TIe OFF New construction
In less than six months i have learned Sprints set up from mounting the RRU's and Antennas. I
also know how to wire in the RBS cabinet as well as wire in the power and fiber running out of
the Hybrid cables.

I am Certified in:
- Comtrained Climber/Rescuer #xxx-xxx-xxxx8-57
-RF Radiation Safety #OSHA 1910.97
-CPR/First Aid #171331
-10 hr. OSHA Construction
I was apart of South Texas Sprint LTE upgrade project. I would estimate i completed a total of
40 LTE upgrades total, as far from San Antonio all the way to Mcallen,TX. I also have
troubleshooted over 20 sites from it being a loose jumper to troubleshooting the BBS cabinet.

I have PTP wireless Experiece in being able to do a whole site build out for Rual Areas for them
to be able to obtain Internet. From hanging backhauls and access points on towers . To doing
the install on the customer side.

Tower Tech., 05/2013 to Current
Internet America/Rise Boradband - Arlington , TX
I am currently doing PTP wireless for Rise Broadband. It use to be called Internet America
before JAB wireless purchased the company and changed the name to "Rise broadband". We
are PTP wireless that supply rural areas with Internet/Wi-Fi. I cover from all the way from
Waco,TX up to Decatur, TX covering almost 200 sites. I program and wire in all the sites from
programming the router, all the way to hanging the Backhauls and Access points. We work on
all type of towers and even stack our own on contract properties.

Stacking Experience
PTP Wireless

Tower Tech., 04/2012 to 03/2013
Global One Communications - Fredericksburg, TX
Supervisor: Joe Lara

Global One Communications was the company that got my foot in the door with the Telecom
Field. I was hired on as a green hand but quickly caught on the basics on the industry and was
assigned to the Sprint LTE upgrade crew. I did it all from rigging the tower to running the
cat-head and hagging the RRU and Antenna's. I was also in charge of final photos and ensuring
all weather proof was done correctly for site managers to inspect.. I learned all acepts of their
certain regions on what their color codes were and could read the blue prints in order to tell you
what needed to be where. I know all the connectivity to the RRU;s and also how the RBS
cabinet was wired in. I ensured that i worked in a safe and timely manner. I learned how to
test Fiber wires and how to trouble shoot fiber in order to see which wire to RRU was causing
interference in that area.I also did some training on Sweep gear and knowing the point of Fault
and how to determine the Load in a line.
I also have some T-Mobil experience after the Sprint Project was over i begin to do Audits for
pre LTE installs. I then worked in San Antonio TX doing 5 T-Mobil LTE upgrades.I ensure that
everyones harnest was meeting OSHA standards and being used properly to not only get the
job done but to ensure safety for the climber himself.

Associate of Arts: Criminal Justice
Navvarro College - Corsicana, TX, U.S.A
Criminal Justice Never finished Graduation. Family Issues came in play.
Broadband, Fast, inspection, access, Microwave, proofing, San, Telephone, troubleshooting,
type, upgrades, upgrade

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