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National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Analyst (U.S. Army 35N) with nearly 3 years of experience in the office of Signals Intelligence Development, Strategy and Governance (SSG)
TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance with Counter Intelligence (CI) polygraph
Experienced and innovative leader, mentor and instructor capable of leading and educating others on a variety of technical and operational subjects


National Security Agency / Central Security Service Texas July, 2013 to May, 2016

Target Discovery and Analytics
Provided top level target analysis against multiple groups of individuals participating in illicit behavior, characterizing activity in multiple geographic areas, and developed opportunities for intelligence collection operations; Information led to successful intelligence operations against multiple high value targets
Analyzed and developed multiple organization structures enabling faster identification of collection opportunities and gaps; information improved situational awareness and force protection of U.S. and International partners
Researched communications patterns using experimental discovery tools and provided new sources in support of high priority missions. Shared knowledge gained improving NSA Analytic Modernization techniques and tools
Analyzed foreign governments’ communications structures, identified and prioritized based on Information Needs and collection requirements facilitating collection, analysis and reporting
Collaborated with high level leadership across NSA and the IC on multiple communications technologies to realize the full intelligence potential of SSG’s mission set
Researched, prioritized and analyzed scores of potential sources to optimize collection in support of national intelligence requirements, new sources resulted in new information enabling customers to successfully accomplish their Combating Proliferation (CP) and Counter-Terrorism (CT) missions
Trained and mentored new employees on tools and techniques ensuring SSG continues its mission successfully
Managed and led a major access development mission and provided Tailored Access Operations (TAO) with opportunities against foreign military communications structures

Collection Management
Hand selected by SSG leadership to represent NSAT as a certified Collection Manager for Combating Proliferation & Counter Terrorism missions
Engaged in 3 weeks of intensive training for certification needed to manage entire collection portfolio
Trained in foreign communications satellite (FORNSAT) collection including mission management, scheduling, and multiple communications satellite associated technologies and equipment
Completed 200 hours of mission critical courses through ADET; acquired familiarity and experience with critical SIGINT tools, databases, knowledge repositories, and advanced techniques
Balanced mission analysis and Collection Management responsibilities
Created Collection Management profiles on 8 diverse missions increasing collection and reporting


Project management skill set built on a foundation of teamwork and a history of returning positive results
Provided weekly updates and executive briefings on projects and discoveries to military and NSA leadership
Experience with multiple intelligence databases, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows based operating systems, mapping software, and classified and open source research
Large data set analysis experience using automated data SIGINT analysis tool suites, managed multiple collection disciplines and documented highly technical and complex communications structures
Worked on SSG staff as Assistant Security Manager; provided security awareness training ensuring no security violations


National Cryptologic School | National Security Agency | July, 2013 – May 2016
Completed 68 courses in analysis, networking, reporting, legal compliance, and oversight, targeting and area studies

Warrior Leader Course | Fort Hood, TX | November, 2014
Hard hitting and intensive course with emphasis on leadership skills, specifically the basic skills necessary to lead a group of soldiers. This course is comprised of topics that include leadership, training management, map reading, land navigation, drill and ceremony, and warfighting.

Air Assault School | Fort Hood, TX | July, 2014
Physically and mentally demanding course in which Soldiers are required to handle heavy equipment and perform dangerous tasks under extremely stressful conditions. Skills learned include intense concentration under duress, commitment to safety and preparation, and a keen eye for detail

US Army Signals Intelligence Analyst Course | Goodfellow AFB, TX | November 2012 – July 2013
Learned how to proficiently examine foreign communications/activity and relay that information by producing combat, strategic and tactical intelligence reports. Tasks that were completed include organizing intercepted messages and isolating valid intelligence to identify targets and operational patterns

Associate in Criminal Justice – Police | Broome Community College | 2012
The criminal justice major prepares graduates to be proficient in law enforcement and similar fields. Materials taught include criminal law, criminal investigation, criminal procedures, constitutional law, and forensic science

High School graduate | Windsor, NY | 2009


Army Commendation Medal (1) – April, 2016
NCO Professional Development Ribbon (1) – November, 2015
Good Conduct Medal (1) – September, 2015
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (1) – July, 2015
Army Achievement Medal (2) – June, 2014 & September, 2014
Brigade Soldier of the Quarter – September, 2014
Certificate of Achievement (1) – May, 2014
Battalion Soldier of the Quarter – April, 2014

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