Electronics Professional

Career Goal:
- The ability to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment where I can use my knowledge and education while experiencing advancement opportunities.

Electronics Skills:
- +5 years’ experience in the electronics testing, troubleshooting and repairing field.
- Studying for Electrical Engineering; BSEE.
- Able to fully draft, layout, and build a custom PCB using EaglePCB.
- AutoCAD basics (Skill set currently being refined)
- Professional soldering skills. Components, connections, PCB’s, surface mount components and through-hole.
- Confident abilities in troubleshooting and repairing most all AC/DC circuit boards and power supply units.
- Easily identify and interpret electronic components, physical or schematic wiring diagrams.
- Firm understanding of the major laws of electricity and how they relate to circuits.
- Expertly versed in testing and troubleshooting equipment; IE -Multimeter, ammeter, digital oscilloscope, AC/DC power supplies, signal function generator, breadboards, etc.

Managerial Accomplishments:
- Responsible for up to 12 co-workers on any given day.
- Generating and presenting formal reports.
- Ordering supplies from approved vendors given budget parameters.
- Overseeing and enforcing proper safety regulations set forth by the company.
- Training new co-workers.

Additional Abilities:
- CNC routing cutout training with various metal materials.
- CDL class B permit. Ability to operate both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.
- Strong welding skills using TIG, MIG, and acetylene systems. NO aluminum welding experience.
- Mid-level skills in operating a bucket truck (65’), crane (100’) and forklift.
- Ample experience working comfortability with high voltage systems +100’ off the ground.
- Highly skilled in a vast array of Microsoft OS software programs.
- Military trained organizational skills with great attention to detail and follow through.
- Experienced at organizing complex projects, defining project priorities, and delegating tasks.
- Disciplined and task oriented as to not need constant supervision.

Customer Service Experience:
- Diplomatic and patient with all types of individuals.
- Able to listen helpfully to all customers, focusing actively fully on the speaker.
- Understanding the customer’s needs and being able to adapt and overcome if no immediate solution is readily available.

Earned my Associates Degree in Technology in 2014. Transferred schools from Illinois in October, 2014 to Cookeville, TN. Currently attending Tennessee Tech. University (TTU). I’m pursuing my BSEE. Cumulative GPA: 3.2 out of 4.0

Transferred schools from:
College of DuPage (COD)
Glen Ellyn, ILxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx

Transferred to:
Tennessee Tech. University (TTU)
Cookeville, TN 38501xxx-xxx-xxxx

3 most Recent Employers:
1) Affordable Technology Repairs (My personal start-up business)
Owner/Lead Electronics repair technician
November, 2014 – Current
Duties and Responsibilities Include:
- Advertising for contract or individual clients.
- Diagnosing/troubleshooting all sorts of electronics – PC’s (any OS), laptops, tablets, smartphones, LCD/plasma screen TV’s, gaming systems, surround sound systems, etc.
- Pricing out the needed replacement parts online.
- Quoting customers on potential repairs.
- Maintaining constant communication with each client and exceeding their needs.
- Repairing the device back to working order.
- Accounting.
WEBSITE: http://affordabletechnologyrepairs.weebly.com

2) Martin Signs and Awnings. Full-time with 35-40 hrs. per week
Field technician
October 2014 – May, 2015
Duties and Responsibilities Included:
- Troubleshooting and repairing broken, damaged or malfunctioning ballasts, transformers,
mains power supplies, etc.
- Using company vehicles to inspect potential job sites and quotes customers.
- Handling customer needs in a timely and professional manor.
- Rewiring electrical systems.
- Filling out billing work orders.
Robert Mellema –xxx-xxx-xxxx

3) On/Off Electronics. Freelance
Troubleshooting technician
February 2014 – September 2014
Duties and Responsibilities Include:
- Speaking with customers one on one and figuring out what’s wrong with their electronics.
- Troubleshooting/repairing sensitive electronics units. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, screen replacements, component swaps, upgrades, etc.
- Fabricating custom PCB’s.
Francisco Carnales –xxx-xxx-xxxx

(Professional character references available upon request)
Military Experience:

United States Marine Corps (USMC)
0311 Combat Infantryman
July 2006 – October 2009

Ribbons and Commendations:
Enlistment in a time of war (Post 9/11) – Ribbon
Global War on Terror (GWAT) – Ribbon
Expert qualification for Assault Rifle – Medal
Expert qualification for Pistol – Medal

Courses Completed:
Combat life saving
Leadership and confidence courses
Personal finance
Defensive driving school
Camouflage and concealment
Night stalking
Door breaching/room clearing
Insurgent apprehension and detainment
Precision grenade throwing
Rocket launcher/tank neutralizing
Detection of improvised explosive devices
Disabling of anti-personal mines
Foreign and domestic weapons training
Tactical repelling
Helicopter fast-roping (repelling)
Hand-to hand combat/knife fighting
Small unit infantry tactics
Physical fitness/agility courses

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Last Resume Update August 4, 2015
Address Cookeville
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Spanish Speaking? No
Willing to Relocate? No
Years Experience +5 years in the electronics industry

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