Field Foreman for CBRE repairs on AT&T cell sites including RETs, VSWR/RSSI issues TMA and Diplexer change out, repairs on BTS units, RXAIT cabinets. Using various test equipment like Anritsu sweep and PIM sets. Working with RF eng. and site techs to repair cell sites that are either down or causing dropped calls. Familiar with Anritsu 331D sweep gear and Anritsu 700~2100Mhz PIM test sets.

10/2010~12/2010 Field Tech. Amirit Technologies Inc. for T Mobile
03/2011~11/2012 Sacramento & San Francisco, Ca.

Temp project for T Mobile for the HSPA + Optimization project.
Worked with RF eng. to change down tilts on cell sites in and around the Sacramento/San Francisco areas. Travel to requested sites daily, accessing site and interface with the BTS, locate RET device on each sector and change the degree of down tilt for each sector. Then, update the RET device if needed, capture before and after down tilt changes, copy RET files of each device on each sector, report all changes at end of day. Trained on installation and integration of new Alcatel Lucent 7705 SAR-F switch.

07/2008~05/2009 West Coast Lead Global Installs Inc.
The Woodlands, Texas

Installed and repaired wireless and wired networks for several hotel chains, working with Dell, Cisco, Colubris, and Ruckus systems, installed wired DSLAM DSL systems on site from ground up, refresh of existing networks, overlays of wireless and or wired networks. Site surveys of existing networks or new installs for future install. Certified Lodgenet Lead installer on all HSIA systems: WiFi, DSL to room, DSL to room w/wireless overlay, Ruckus WiFi systems.

05/2006~07/2008 Project Manager CSI America Inc
03/2010~07/2010 Sr. Install Tech San Leandro, Ca

Installed, configured, and repaired DSL, SDSL, IDSL, T1, and bonded T1 CPE/routers for Covad, Earthlink, Sprint, and ATT internet services. Project manager of Guest Tek hospitality project. Installed and repaired wireless and wired systems for hotels including, DSL to room, wireless overlay with DSL, servers, switches and DSLAM units. Trained additional techs for projects within CSI Inc. As Project Manager responsible for site surveys of wireless coverage using either Colubris or Cisco AP’s to test the site from room to room and between floors using Cisco AirNet or netstumbler to project coverage. Build projected placement of AP’s, MDF, and IDF locations, cable runs and projected time for install. Managed 5 install teams, scheduling, and billing for project. Re hired for temp project for Covad Wireless to upgrade existing systems to the new WiMax radios. Installed, repaired, re path end users systems, updated Covad database with new IP moves. Integrated end user equipment, extensive IP re routing throughout the Covad Wireless network for point to multipoint radios

08/2005~05/2006 Microwave Eng. Wireless World Conn.
Orange, Ca

In charge of all microwave installations and repairs for T-Moble, Cingular/ATT, Sprint and Nextel contracts from bidding to installation. Managed four, three man install teams, assisted in the field on all projects, new installs, repairs, and LOS surveys, cabinet integrations, microwave integrations and alarm installs into the Ericsson RBS2000 type cabinets. Ordering and maintained inventory on all materials for various projects.

07/2004~08/2005 Microwave Tech Diversified Communications Specialists
Santa Fe Springs, Ca

Installed and repaired microwave equipment for Cingular/ATT, and T-Moble. Microwave site test and turn-up through multi path hops, LOS surveys, pre-testing of radios, T1 testing (head to head) back to switch. Microwave site surveys and path surveys with photographs of paths and surrounding geography. In charge of Harris Power Supply Upgrade project on all Constellation radios in the Cingular Wireless network Ericsson RBS2000 integrations, microwave radio integrations and alarm installs for RBS2000 type cabinets. Familiar with ODB cabinet interface (pre merge with ATT). Installed several types of spread spectrum, T1, DS3, OC3/64 radios and maintained for said companies. Installed Positron power surge suppression systems for various applications and company’s.

05/2003~12/2003 Microwave Tech Total Telco Specialists, Inc
Orange, Ca

Installed/repaired several types of microwave equipment for Verizon Wireless including Harris Constellation and Microstar, NEC and Alcatell radios. Cingular site expansions/trouble tickets, antenna change outs, trouble shooting new builds and site testing. Testing of new radios before deployment, trained on Motorola Nucleus paging systems. Worked on several special projects: OSHA Compliance, Verizon Wireless Paging System Asset Reduction, FAA/FCC ASR Compliance, Asset inventory, Harris/Tristate Microwave Upgrade projects.

12/2001~05/2002 Asst. Microwave Eng. Healy & Co for Cingular
Tustin, Ca

Supervised several field installations on 10Ghz Harris Constellations radios and software upgrades. Assisted on FCC coordination and link/frequency licensing. Order placement and deployment of radio equipment to and from vendors. Assisted on all LOS surveys for new build and reroutes, as well as trouble shooting paths in the field. Familiar with 5/Nines, NTD database, Topo USA, and Bailey MicroDAX systems and ODB BSR software. Lead field contact on the I-395 build out from Mojave city to Mammoth Mountain resort backhauled to Mojave CO.

04/2001~12/2001 Field Supervisor So. Calif. Digital Systems
Orange, Ca

Trained on Cingular cell site expansion, new build, and pico/micro cell installations. Familiar with Cingular Cell site layout including: BTS construction, power, and expansion. Supervisor of Microwave Division, responsible for all LOS surveys, Ericsson RBS2000 integrations, microwave integration into RBS2000 cabinets, as well as cabinet alarm installs. Trained on Cingular site test process using HP “B” analyzer. Site problem solving in the field as well as microwave sites links site to site. Trained by Leveton on CAT 5 cabling for industrial and home applications. Trained on all DIN connector assembly for cell site and microwave applications.

10/1994~04/2001 Photographer Mole-Richardson Co
Hollywood, Ca

In charge of photography for all divisions (Mole-Richardson Rentals, Moletown, Studio Depot, MR Lighting, MR Farms) for web and print. Maintained and reorganized photo archive, restored damaged negatives and prints. Kept a bi-yearly record of changes to all divisions company wide. Implemented conversion of film studio into full digital format, complete with new camera, computer, and lighting systems. Photographer for Mole Richardson Catalogue products, extensive Photoshop work to prep all photographs for web and print distribution, product advertising, and industry distribution.


10/1988 A.C.C.D. (Night School) Associate Degree Pasadena, Ca.

1/1987 G.C.C. General Edd. Prep. For Associate Degree Pasadena, Ca.


05/1994~present Amateur Radio Operator KG6FMA (HAM)

01/2000~present LA County Sheriffs Department
Disaster Communications Service

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